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Michelle Malkin is obsessed with 911 truthers.

Malkin’s website constantly reports on people in the 911 truth movement as crazies or lunatics. Why, you may ask? Her found neoconservative ‘ideology’ (large amounts of Fox News cash) has made her into a satirical caricature of any past fascist ideologue. Michelle, spawn of Filipino gods Aswang and Apo Laki, has brought a new form of viciousness to the media. She is a regular contributor on right wing, neocon propaganda channel Fox News where she ridicules people that don’t believe in her fascist dogma. She can often be seen on soul mate Bill Oreilly’s primetime ‘hate everyone but us’ talk show spewing anger. She is so in tune with serpent tongued Oreilly that she often hosts his show Michelle when he is on holiday.