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Which way, 911-truth? Our greatest strength is, also, our greatest weakness.

So here we are in year zero plus eight, and time keeps slipping into yesterday. What shape are we in? Where have we gotten? What, if anything, is our goal? How are we going to agree on a goal, and who will carry it out, and through what means will it be accomplished? It's really incredible, if you think about it. In fact, the more you think about it, the more incredible it becomes: despite all of our progress, the world is still operating under the same demonstrably false paradigm.

Just trying to get a sense of the format, here...

I just signed up for the first time, and I read that new arrivals need to post for a while in order for the moderators of this sight to have an opportunity to determine whether everything is on the up-and-up. Of course, it also said that submissions can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including the eventuality that it might not be related to 9-11. This presents a minor catch-22 for me; on the one hand, I don't really have anything to say until such time as it can be properly displayed, and read, but I can't get to that point without giving the moderators a chance to vet my submissions.

I would appreciate some guidance, here, either from participants or the moderators, themselves.

Thank you.