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Bill Clinton on FOX "News" Sunday

Bill Clinton was interviewed on FOX "News" Sunday 9/24/2006. He was there to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative.

Chris Wallace attempted to lay blame of 9/11 on Clinton, and he did what no Democrats are willing to do today... He fought back.

I've never seen an "journalist" be this disrespectful of a former president. Smirking with every word, interrupting repeatedly, smiling as he asks pre-spun questions... Clearly, FOX was trying to egg him on, and Clinton got pissed.

I don't think much of Clinton, but I don't think he was involved in the conspiracy, and I think he attempted to stop it. His powers depend on people in key positions of power, un-elected officials in the FBI, CIA, DoD, and SS that held the strings to 9/11. But I might be wrong in that assumption. Thoughts?

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TV Fakery - A debate on evidence + analysis

*Note: I believe there were planes. I am asking for a civilized discussion on the evidence presented by tv-fakery. Thanks to anyone who actually read this before posting, and I thank people like peggy for bringing up civiilzed point of debate on the evidence.

After reading CB's blog and the comments in it, I wanted to discuss my views on the point of TV fakery proponents, and the effect that their arguments have on Truthers, and on Non-Truthers.

*Note: I have no objections to differring viewpoints. TV-Fakery advocates have as much a right to speak their thoughts, and discuss their ideas, as any other Truther does. The point of this blog is for a honest and intellectual debate on the ideas, and effects of these ideas. This is only a few opinions on a few pieces of evidence. PLEASE debate and show more evidence, this is something that needs to be figured out, and decided upon by the Truth community. I DO NOT think that TV-Fakery advocates are against the movement, or spies, or crap like that. They saw all the same inconsistancies that WE saw, and tried to piece together the puzzle, and ended up taking a DIFFERENT PATH than others did. They have the same questions we have, HOW AND WHY 911 HAPPENED, we need to help each other figure out the truth, not call names...