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36 Years after the first 911, ‘The Battle of Chile’ becomes available on new DVD.

Looking for a movie to watch post Xmas Turkey?
Want to emulate your success last year with the Dark Knight / Mamma Mia?
Might I suggest the perfect film for all the family this year … The Battle of Chile ?

Well, perhaps not, but The Battle of Chile is one of the most remarkable documentaries ever made. It stunned film critics and won numerous prizes in film festivals around the world , and 36 years and 3 months after the bloody Nixon/Kissinger sponsored Military Coup and murder of Chilean President Salvador Allende on 9/11 1973, the little seen film will be widely available with English subtitles for the first time ever, with a 4Disc DVD Release in USA on 8 December.

Has the truth movement been damaged by an over emphasis on CD Evidence? PLEASE VOTE

A lot of suggestions have been made here recently that the movement needs to change the way in which it has been perceived.
The reason given for this is that people have been put off, and the movement damaged by an over emphasis on evidence for Controlled Demolition.

For what it is worth , I will place two comments below , one to agree, and one to disagree.Please cast your vote for BOTH comments (either up or down)

The effectiveness of 911 truth in achieving change.

I would suggest that many people devote their interests to 911 truth because they see it as having the potential to change the way we are governed. We believe that 911 was a criminal deception designed to justify war , imperialism and the curtailing of civil rights. We have no prospect of change through a co opted political system that totally ignores the evidence of the 911 truth movement, and the current mainstream media has censored or misrepresented any evidence that the official explanation of 911 is a lie.

Jon Gold has suggested a dwindling interest in 911truth, citing for example the fact that the NYC CAN march only attracted 150 people compared to thousands previously. He suggests that the reason for this, is the perception that 911truth is synonymous with a CD (controlled demolition) only argument, and that we have to change the way we are perceived and change the focus of 911truth away from CD towards a selection of diverse evidence instead.