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Recent aircraft crash in NYC

Some may be tempted to compare the recent crash of a light plane into an apartment highrise with the crashes
of 9/11. They simply do not compare at all

Depending on the model that small plane was capable of going 150-180 MPH, weighed about 3000 pounds max
and carried 300 pounds of fuel max.

So it was capable of 40%(being conservative) the speed of a 767, weighed approx 0.7% as much and carried
approx 1% as much fuel.

So, its momentum would be 0.4 X 0.007 = 0.0028 or 0.28% that of a 767.
It's kinetic energy would be (0.4^2) X 0.007 = 0.00112 or 0.01% of a 767