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german engineers help The U.S.

This is a quite old site dealing with 9/11 but worth watching. Allready in 2002 a German engineer, Christian Guthart, made an Analysis of this day and came to the conclusion that no planes hit the Towers. Hard to swallow. check it out. For everybody: I AM NOT A DISINFO AGENT!


The Bush Pilot (english subs)

Need a good laugh? then check this out! Humor from Germany!

What about NESARA? Can this have some truthfull background!

This might have some more answers to the real deal regarding September 11th 2001.
I came across this topic some time ago. Although it may be very controversial I think it is worth a look.
What do you think?


Rummy says Flight 93 was shot down

Here you can hear and see Donald Rumsfeld saying that Flight 93 was actually shot down! Check this out!