german engineers help The U.S.

This is a quite old site dealing with 9/11 but worth watching. Allready in 2002 a German engineer, Christian Guthart, made an Analysis of this day and came to the conclusion that no planes hit the Towers. Hard to swallow. check it out. For everybody: I AM NOT A DISINFO AGENT!


forgot the link,

Where's this "ayalsis that

Where's this "analysis that no planes hit the Towers"? I don’t see it. And;

"AV 3 slipplane and "UFO" flight" "AV 3 slipplane and "UFO" explosion".

^ Anything with UFO in it translates into "this site is not serious, or has any credibility".

Sorry, it really is not

Sorry, it really is not mentioned on the translated site. Anyway he wrote the Book "11. september ein Untersuchungsbericht"
in 2002. I am not sure whether you can get it in english. Before anybody of you thought of a conspiracy regarding 9/11 this man did some great research. And to say that any site regarding ufos is disinfo just shows how narrow minded you must be.

looks like "Jack White"

looks like "Jack White" style disinfo/junk science



Every banned no-planer = 1000 new Truthers !!!

you guys are high! first of

you guys are high!
first of all UFO means "unidentified object", of which there were many flying around the wtcs on 9/11, not "alien spacecraft" as you guys would have people believe that UFO means in this case for the sole purpose of making no-planers seem to be wacky.
and secondly, i would like to see some real evidence that a 767 did indeed fly into the wtcs.
the only evidence that we have of this claim are the video recordings of ua175 and those are turning out to be not very authentic aren't they.
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at about 2min. 20 sec. you can see a white plane (UFO) dissappearing in the distance only seconds after the second hit. To say that any site that mentions ufo in context with 9/11 is disinfo is absolut BS. Do the research and you will see. I am
not talking about little green men! But technology that has been in place for some years and is still kept secret.