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..I submit the following thoughts as additions to, and qualifications of, my last entry:

I understand that there is a good deal of skepticism regarding the proposed Week of Truth initiative and its call to support Steve Alten's book. Since my endorsement of the idea was posted more in the way of a "press release" or general call to arms, I just wanted to write to the community in a more candid tone to spell out exactly why I feel that this project is a worthy endeavor.

Forgive me if in the process I end up repeating or restating things which you may feel I had already made sufficiently clear. First off, I want to say how much I admire the critical and independent thinking that is so prevalent amongst the 9/11 Truth community. It should not come as a surprise, since in the absence of such critical analysis and thought, all of us would still be hoodwinked by the official myth.

This is, therefore, one of our greatest strengths. But in my opinion it can also be a tragic flaw. Let me clarify... Many of you have been at this much longer than I, but as a relative newbie, it has been my perception that our movement's biggest weakness is our divided, fractionalized, schismatic lack of unity in general.

While it is a definite plus to have this "leaderless resistance" waged on many fronts and according to varied methodologies, this particular approach to the info war leaves us oft-times disconnected and isolated by our differences in tactics. Some of us make documentaries, while others start groups like Architects and Engineers.

Still others support a ballot initiative, and some confront slimy politicians, members of the corporate media establishment, and government insiders with hard questions and a video-camera, etc., etc. All of the above has been useful in its own way. But I think what has been lacking is a focal point around which we can synergize and mobilize our collective energy to perhaps make greater progress in a shorter period of time.

When I was approached to help support this Week of Truth effort, I had never met or even heard of Steve Alten or "Shell Game" before. But what was readily apparent to me was the rare combination of factual substance (regarding 9/11 specifically) and commercial viability (and by extension, the access to commercial markets and the targets of those markets, demographically speaking, which such viability potentially affords). I therefore immediately bought and began devouring my copy of the book, and put my unequivocal support behind the idea outlined in my "Tipping Point" blog post.

Though many of those who took part in the now infamous conference call had issues with some of the other content in Steve's book, like his take on global warming and his stance on peak oil, they were all willing to subordinate these differences with an eye towards the potential effect on public opinion that could be made if "Shell Game" got sufficient exposure as to allow Mr. Alten access to MSM platforms; assuming he is a man of his word and does what he claims he will do once he has a captive audience and a mic in his hand. Much trepidation has been salved by his courageous interviews on National CBS Radio, and ABC 6 TV of late:


Daniel Sunjata: The Tipping Point.

(Edit: Mr. Sunjata has entered a second blog entry expanding his thoughts here. -rep.)

I Play a FDNY Firefighter on TV - It is TIME to HONOR Them By Demanding 9/11 TRUTH

"A tipping point has been reached in The People's 9/11 Truth, Peace, and Justice Movement. That tipping point is embodied in Steve Alten's new explosive historical-novel entitled "The Shell Game."

"However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING." – Daniel Sunjata

PLEASE VISIT: www.WeekofTruth.org

"The Shell Game" exposes the fallacy of the "official" 9/11 theory of conspiracy in a way that is at once terrifying, entertaining, provocative, and informative. In so doing, Mr. Alten has provided the missing fulcrum with which the truth about 9/11 can finally be leveraged into the mainstream of public discourse, which as we all know is exactly what is needed to cement the achievement of what has been our collective goal for almost seven years now; a national resolution of 9/11 by a truly independent, unimpeachable investigation WITH POWER OF SUBPOENA which will finally hold to account the true perpetrators of this horrendous crime against humanity, our country, our constitution, and our citizenry.

However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING. Already, Truth leaders from across the spectrum including Professor Steven Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage (AIA), Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, various chapters of We Are Change, Dylan Avery and Loose Change, and many many others have pledged to unite in support of a one pointed initiative. We are calling this profoundly important initiative, "The Week of Truth Buy-In," which will be from April 16th-22nd.