George McGovern to Speak @ Bradley University on March 8, 2007

Former senator to speak at Bradley

Peoria (IL) Journal Star

State & Local Section page B3

Saturday, February 24, 2007

PEORIA - Former senator and U.S. presidential candidate George McGovern will share his ideas for an exit strategy from Iraq at Bradley University next month.

McGovern will speak at 7:30 p.m. March 8 in the Michel Student Center Ballroom. The event is free and open to the public.

He published a book last October on this topic. Called "Out of Iraq," it details a plan for a troop withdrawal from Iraq.

McGovern was the Democratic Party's nominee for president in 1972, losing to Nixon. He served in the House of Representatives from 1957 to 1961 and in the Senate for eighteen years.

He was the president of the Middle East Policy Council in Washington, D.C., for six years and then served as ambassador to the U.N. Agencies on Food and Agriculture in Rome under President Clinton.

The presentation is sponsored by the Bradley University Intellectual and Cultural Activities Committee.

I got snuffed!!

I just got back from the presentation. George McGovern is a sweet old man who wants to pull the troops out of Iraq.

At one point he spoke about the three great blunders in American history...... He mentioned the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the current Iraq War.

He then asked if anyone in the audience disagreed. I was the only one to raise my hand..... the only one.

He called on me to explain.

I said that he was correct for the most part but he had left one great blunder out of his equation (which I couldn't understand).... and the was 911.

He replied that 911 wasn't a war...... I said it was our greatest blunder.

He then went into 911 but he was vastly uninformed about the events. The only thing he was able to reiterate correctly about the government story was the number of planes and the number of hijackers and the fact that the planes hit the WTC Towers. He stumbled over the topic for some time before moving on.

He brought up 911 once again later when he asked what was the reason for going into Iraq.

He mentioned that the first thing that W wanted to accomplish in his first cabinet meeting as President was to find a way to go into Iraq.

He told of the suggestion by the President to fly planes disguised as UN planes over Iraq and have them shot down.... justifying our move towards war with Iraq.

He even mentioned (very nervously) asking his friend author Gore Vidal about whether the President and his cabinet could have been involved in 911... and Vidal jokingly responded that they couldn't have pulled it off because they couldn't do anything right.... everyone laughed at the stupid administration.

At the end of the presentation he began taking questions. I raised my hand every time he looked for the next question. The announceed that he would only take one more question...... He turns and points directly at me!

I stand up and begin to speak loudly and clearly so the three hundred people there can hear me.

I got half way through my question when I was snuffed by the lady who earlier in the evening stopped me and told me it was illegal to pass out information without a permit????

She had a microphone and rushed it to a woman about 30 degrees to my left and the woman began speaking over me through the microphone. She clearly heard me asking my question but she didn't even bother to look my direction let alone wait for me to finish.

The lady was not going to let me speak to save her life. She asked some off the wall question which had little to no significance.

My question:

You spoke about the Presidents desire to go into Iraq. Even willling to stage an attack on planes painted to resemble UN planes in order to instigate a war with Iraq. We know what Gore Vidal thinks, but do you believe that our President and his Administration at the very least allowed 911 to happen to meet their agenda of going into Iraq?

But I was cut off.... after George McGovern clearly pointed at me. Nobody siad anything. George didn't stop her and ask that I continue with my question.

Welcome to America

Together in Truth!

Great job nonetheless.

Public figures of every stripe should get used to the idea that people will confront them about 9/11 wherever they go.

Did you have any contact with other members of the audience?

I handed out probably 20 to

I handed out probably 20 to 30 copies of Loose Change and a few more of the WTC glossy pamphlet.

I talked to several people before the organizer pulled me aside to inform me that it was illegal to pass out information without a permit. I knew she was full of it but I listened to her whole argument without laughing.

She tried to inform me that our message was not conducive to this event. I could have argued with her but I could tell she would have just had me removed so I just waited for my opportunity.

after the presentation five people asked me what I was trying to ask him.

There was a group of guys there who tore the glossy in half as soon as they got it.... but one guy picked it up and started to check it out..... 5 minutes later they were all reading it..... being that it was torn in half two people could check it out at the same time.

If I had been able to ask my question I think people would have been able to grasp a bit more of the information that he laid out there. I think he was coming to me last because he knew I was going to ask the question that he wanted to hear.

He put alot out there but he couldn't go all the way with it.
Together in Truth!

Great job, man...

Wish you'd gotten video...


Any Questions?

If I get a chance I was going to ask him about his thoughts on 911 and about the possibility of getting a new investigation.

I would also like to ask him about his thoughts about transparency in government
Together in Truth!