A 9/11 'conspiracy' finally reaches the mainstream

well, it looks like the millions of dollars spent recently to try and show the general public a glimpse at the questions of 9/11 finally hit the mainstream..

the person who is discrediting the ads compares those that question the official story on 9/11 to neo-nazis who dont beleive the hollocaust happened.. it aligns questioning the government and its involvement with dishonoring the people that died that day (even though alot of them are involved in many 911 truth movements).. it says that all of the questions are easily answered, and that all of the claims are simply stupid.. all i can say is that i hope they revisit this topic again and give someone with the opposite opinion a chance to share their views..

here is the link to the segment:
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here is a link to a few news articles about the same subject from earlier this week:

its funny how every article related to this guy's ad campaign has the same text..

"The conspiracy theorists fail to recognize that there was structural damage in Building 7 caused by flying debris after the first two towers collapsed," Corbett said.

yeah, your right.. i had no idea. just one statement like this completely discredits all of the rest of the evidence.. these whacky conspiracy theorists just didnt know it had debris damage.. man, i cant beleive they overlooked that.

nothing to see here.. move along.