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Effective immediately I am no longer a team member of This decision is of my own accord, and one which I have toiled over for many many months. Reprehensor is now the lead team member of, and I hope that the members of this site will greet him warmly to this position and know that he has my utmost respect and blessing in keeping this site at the forefront of 9/11 related alternative news. While I will continue to help the remaining team members of the site with the technical side of things on the site as needed, I will no longer be involved in the day to day maintenance and moderation as I have been for almost three years now. There will undoubtedly be changes made to the site in the coming weeks as part of this transition of the site, some won't mind them, others will write it into a larger conspiracy of how this was 'setup since the beginning of the site to somehow do X or do Y'. The reality is that the site has to go through changes to facilitate my retiring from the site, and to try and reign in this website into something that is both manageable by the remaining team members and useful to the community.

I think perhaps some see this site as what it could/should be instead of what it is - criticizing how things should be done and perhaps not factoring in the realities of those that run this site. I work a full time job, I have a family, I have friends, and I have responsibilities, and has made up a large part of what I consider my responsibilities for a long time now - the same goes for Reprehensor, Somebigguy, and GeorgeWashington. I don't have endless resources, I'm not online 24/7, this site can't be everything to everyone, and expecting perfection out of anything is unrealistic - there is no grand conspiracy in any perceived failures of this website, the site just is what it is. To those who have taken it upon themselves to contribute to this site and create others which have become so useful to the movement, thank you.

It was never my intention to run this website forever, and certainly not in its current state. This site has grown over the last three years from being visited by a few friends each day to being viewed by ~10,000 people a day, competitive in numbers to other blogs like,, and - the difference being that they do this professionally, and I've done this as a dedicated hobby in my personal time. This site isn't perfect, it never has been, but I know that this site has been a positive for the movement as a whole, and I know that any decisions I made were what I thought was right for the site at the time - including my decision to hand the site over now.

I appreciate all the help I have received with the site from so many different users. This site is now primarily content driven by our users, and were it not for that this site would have never kept up with the incredible growth the movement has seen over the last 3 years. I hope that this site can come to better represent all the positive progress of the movement, because honestly positivity is exactly what we need to help this movement succeed. When I joined the movement there was little sign of positive change regarding 9/11 awareness, but now there are so many things going on that one cannot help but feel that the movement is slowly but surely making progress and causing effective change. Thank you to everyone in this movement who has sacrificed their time and resources to make this movement what it is today.

So, with that I bid my adieu. I hope to see many of you in the forums and on the streets in the future.

Best wishes,