a new adendum video and another 9/11 rant

im not sure how new this video is, but it is obviously since i ordered my copy of 'painful deceptions'.. they have hosted a download site which i have listed before, but will list again:

they have a new adendum which i must say is right on point.. while i dont buy into all of the physical evidence as 100% proof it is definately more proof than provided by the 'independent' investigation.. check out this new adendum, it wraps up the physical proof quite well:
Painful Deceptions Update - 911 Commission Report (WMV 25megs)

once you see the need to question 9/11, and what is really going on in the world since 9/11 you should balance these videos with research, not just into 9/11, but world history, corporate corruption, presidential quotes related to the corporate power in washington, the idea of peak oil, the drug trade related to the cia, the drug trade related to afghanistan, Ptech, independent commissions on 9/11, election fraud, bay of pigs, the northwoods document, bridas corp and the oil pipeline in afghanistan, the history of al-queda, 'red-flag' operations in history, the reichstag fire, the differences between democracy and facism, the patriot act, etc. etc. etc. etc.

i was never a 'conspiracy whacko' before.. im not one now.. but i have put in my research, and i have my opinions.. tv news right now is a crock of crap.. its the same talking points over and over, and they have truely forgotten about 9/11, or at least understanding the massive inconsistancies, questions, and coincidences, etc.

i have done my best to understand why 9/11 happened, and it is not what most of us think.. its not quite as simple as good vs evil..