Good articles on 9/11 intelligence inaction

It was Thomas Pickard, the former acting FBI director from June 2001 to September 2001 and past recipient of another Presidential Rank Award.

So why would Pickard allow his agency to be run in such a horrible manner during this key time frame? In his April 13, 2004 testimony, he told the commission that after the second briefing about the heightened terrorist threat during the summer of 2001, his boss, Attorney General, John Ashcroft, told him that ”he did not want to hear about these threats anymore”.

There is something wrong when the people who say they could've helped prevent 9/11 blame the administration for preventing them from doing it.. its just as bad as when you look at the history of 'investigations' into 9/11 and find a massive effort to underfund, ignore, prevent, and withhold evidence from them.. it really is sad.

how can you even call the 'independent' investigation an investigation when they don't even mention WTC7, and don't even report half of the testimony they received? whenever the commission interviews members who are part of itself as witnesses.. how is that independent? how can a co-author with condoleeza rice serve on a 'independent' commission whenever it is quite evident that she holds some form of responsibility for the state of security in the US?

this all stinks to high hell.. what are we going to do in 5 years when we look back at 9/11 and realize noone ever bothered investigating what is the turning point in my generation? or will something else happen by then that will dwarf 9/11 and make us forget about the failures leading up to that faitful day and how they were never documented, fixed, and those who failed us held responsible?

i've got a political cartoon im going to post hopefully tommorrow, once its up take a look, share it with people, and if your really up for it help me get it published both on the web and in printed local papers.