daily links

here is a scathing article about how 9/11 has become the official seal of the government to get anything it wants accomplished:

But it remains doubtful that the White House will course correct on another tact, the practice of treating 9/11 like a brand name, a tool for selling ideas, selling a party, selling initiatives — even selling people. One blemished icon, or even two, is not is going to end what has proved a winning strategy, certainly good enough for first place with American voters in November.

an article on outsourcing and corporate greed:

It will actually be the downfall of the middle class and this country. Unfortunately Capitalism has no concern for our country or for people.

We will loose many industries and destroy many families along the way. Those that will benefit will be the few at the top. The losers will be you, me and our children.

and an article from Fritz Hollings, retiring senator for South Carolina.. its mostly about how corporations are running washington, and his personal quams with rumsfeld and rice..