another mention of 9/11 'conspiracies'?

well, while i wish this report wasnt so one sided, it does at least show the zogby report about new yorkers thinking a real 9/11 investigation must happen, and it isnt as negative as past reports of 9/11 'conspiracy theories'..

you know whats so messed up? this could easily be phrased as '9/11 deserves more answers'.. there are MASSIVE holes in the official report by the commission.. it doesnt address anything except providing lip-service for the administration.. no physical research, no black boxes recovered (even though rescue workers DID find them), no physical research at all.. despite incredible evidence, first hand accounts, whistleblower information, etc. etc. that could shed more light on the best that is 9/11..

but i digress.. yahoo news covered the need for investigation, and that is k-rad:

EDIT: ooh ooh, its not just 1 story, check it out:

most of these all have the exact same text in them, perhaps this will get expounded upon.. just this many related links is pretty amazing when it comes to mentioning finding 9/11 related answers..