back up and a bunch of new stuff

a few months ago i noticed that was giving php errors when i tried to open their site.. well, it appears they have not only come back online, but with a new layout as well.. for those of you who think anyone who doubts the 9/11 story is crazy, take a gander at the members of their panel here:

i also ordered a copy of 'Aftermath: Unanswered Questions From 9/11' from you can catch 2 preview clips from their website in their 'store' section.. ill be sure to write a review once i get it.

here is a recent topic on the liberty forum.. it is all about how many different people in our government had to go along with, assist, or ignore the 9/11 plot for it to happen.. it couldn't have occurred without some critical mistakes from us:

here are two of a ton of articles about how the government gave $240,000 (of our tax money) to a talk show host to tell everyone how great the no child left behind act is.. article article

speaking of blowing money.. how about spending 40 million dollars for the presedential inauguration? man.. our government is blowing money like its going out of style.. god i love taxes.

here is a recent article about the scalding 9/11 report on the cia that has STILL not been released.. the article says its not being held up, but that is a krock.. do a search on this report and youll find the last news article i posted on the subject saying they wanted to wait til after the election.. bah, its not like the report is going to tell the whole truth anyways.

here is a mass of links related to 9/11 i came accross.. i havent had a chance to go through it too thoroughly, but it seems to have a ton of random articles on the subject:

and finally, to end on a fun note.. here is a cool article about how all of our highways get their numbers.. its actually pretty snazzy: