jimmy walter still on the move

Jimmy Walter was the guy who ran the commercials in NY showing the questions which remain surrounding WTC7 and the pentagon.. he spent around $2 million dollars to run his advertisements.. most of those outside of NY didnt see these ads, although they did make a blip on the show Countdown with Keith Oberman..

well, he is still hard at work.. he is sending out 100,000 free copies of a dvd he has released related to 9/11 to businesses and residences surrounding the WTC.. he is also giving away this dvd for FREE, so if you want something to watch about 9/11 check it out.. just scroll to the bottom and search for 'free':

he is also about to release the details of his $100,000 contest for the most scientifically valid theory on the collapses of the two towers.. you can read more on that at the link above, and you can find out more info on Jimmy Walter here:

and on a final note.. if you go to news.yahoo.com and search for '9/11' you will notice the 2nd sponsored link is a link to Jimmy's reopen911.org.. he really is doing alot to try to get the word out, take him up on his free dvd offer mentioned above, who knows, you might learn something ;)