a quick comment on the FAA warnings

while the media is covering the 50+ warnings ignored by the FAA prior to 9/11 they are still missing the larger point.. that despite these massive warnings they failed to follow standard operating procedure in notifying NORAD to respond to planes that deviated from their plotted course.

in the year prior to 9/11 67 flights deviated from course and were intercepted by fighter jets within 10-15 minutes. on 9/11, even after the first tower was struck, the FAA and NORAD failed to follow the S.O.P. they had followed perfectly well the entire year.. what the media has done is blatantly ignored this discussion, and have confused the average person about what it takes to intercept versus what it takes to shoot-down an errant plane.. these planes should have been intercepted, without question.. the media and talking heads of the FAA and NORAD will confuse you about getting clearance for shooting down the planes when the real question is about interception, something that is a routine action both before and after 9/11.

in any event, before i ramble on too much more..

Richard Clarke's memo to Condoleeza Rice was declassified, you can find it here:
clarke memo.pdf

while the administration fed lies of 'no idea it was possible' down the american public's throat they were in fact warned at LEAST 50+ times about aircraft being highjacked, and were warned by the top anti-terrorism adviser (Clarke) from January 25th that actions must be taken imediately.. rather than reinstating the policies of the Clinton administration to have daily terrorism breifs, the Bush administration refused to even meet with Clarke until the week before 9/11.. was Rice or Bush incredibly busy during this time? sure, i bet they were somewhat.. but then again, Bush spent more time on vacation in that time than almost anyone in all of Presidential history.

bah. hopefully this will stir the pot.