Sibel Edmonds on her way to the Supreme Court?

Ex-FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court

Sibel Edmonds lost her latest court battle on Friday when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld a lower court's ruling that dismissed her lawsuit against the Justice Department. Edmonds alleges there were security breaches, mismanagement and possible espionage within the FBI's translation service in late 2001 and early 2002. She says the information she knows would lead to criminal prosecutions if aggressively pursued.

"We are going to the Supreme Court, that's for sure," Edmonds said Monday.
Additionally, Edmonds has spearheaded the formation of a national security whistleblower's coalition that will seek legislation to enable national security whistleblowers to sue government managers who retaliate against them or block investigations.

If Congress does not take action, Edmonds said, the coalition will run newspaper ads publicizing the names of individual managers who are alleged to have committed wrongdoing, along with their positions and salaries.

Sibel Edmonds has basically been screwed over by our 'justice' system.. setting a precidence for a trial in which the prosecution is forced to wait outside while the government discusses the case with the judge.. this type of stuff is disgusting.. Sibel's efforts will lead her to the Supreme Court, and with any luck maybe someone other than those in the 9/11 and whistleblower communities will pay attention..

if you havent signed Sibel Edmond's petition sign it now!

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p.s. you can stay up to date with, or read the history of, Sibel Edmonds' efforts on her site