Loads of Articles for the Weekend

bunch of stuff to keep you busy this weekend..

i have linked up the 150mb version of the Griffin speech for anyone who wants it.. i have tons of bandwidth through that host, so feel free to grab it if you want it.

Jon Ronson will be on CSPAN tommorrow talking about some of the crazy stuff that our Military and Intelligence agencies blow our money on..

the 9/11 related lawsuit in Germany is still having problems getting any real evidence from the US.. here are some articles on that subject:
US sends new al Qaeda evidence for German 9/11 case
US won't declassify documents for trial: report

The US decision represents a serious setback for German prosecutors, who are having difficulty finding incriminating evidence against Motassadeq, now being tried a second time after his first conviction for terrorism was overturned on appeal.
Both al-Qaeda organisers are in US custody, probably outside the United States. The court has questioned the reliability of their evidence, noting that they may have been tortured.

'The Power of Nightmares' which i mentioned thursday and which will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival has been getting alot of press.. seems the US and UK may have been exagerating the threat from al-queda and terrorism for ulterior-purposes.. (naw, you dont say!?)
When neo-conservatives conjured up nightmares in US
Shock invite for Nightmares director
UK film: terror fears exaggerated

In his film, Curtis argues that Bush and Blair have used what he says is the largely illusory fear of terror and hidden webs of organized evil following the September 11, 2001, attacks to reinforce their authority and rally their nations.

In Bush's government, those underlings who put forth the darkest scenarios of the phantom threat have the most influence, says Curtis, who also devotes segments of his film to criticize unquestioning media and zealous security agencies.

and here are some random articles..

Staying Angry

Republicans like to blame 9/11 on Bill Clinton (Republicans like to blame everything on Bill Clinton) but Clinton happily turned everything he had over to 9/11 investigators, and willingly sat for extended interviews with them under oath. Our fearless leaders in the White House--including our "War President"--did something a bit different.
As for figuring out what had happened on 9/11, the Administration first said it didn't want any investigation at all, either by Congress or an independent commission. Both Bush and Cheney said an investigation would hurt the War on Terror (apparently it would be detrimental to the war effort know how the attack against us was planned and executed.)

Mega Millionaire Starts Re-Open 9-11 Investigations Campaign

Corporate News Media. Incompetent, Criminally Negligent or Complicit?

I ask you, when have you heard Randi Rhodes or Al Franken give any time to the 9/11 whistleblowers or researchers? Why do the liberal media continue to ignore the crux of the crimes taking place in our government? If 9/11 does not happen and we are not at war, there is no Patriot Act, there is no doctrine of preemption. Everything we are doing to implement the American Empire as planned out by the Project for a New American Century hinges on the events of 9/11. To date none of the headline personalities on this new liberal network will touch the subject. Even some of the most liberal news collection web sites who have published numerous articles of mine refuse to publish anything related to 9/11.

and finally, i have seen a bit of discussion about rallies on 9/11/2005 in NY and DC.. i am hoping that organization will come soon so that everyone ends up in the same place.. but as it stands now it appears there will be large gatherings in NY and/or DC on 9/11/2005.. hope to see you there!