Three Recent Articles by Greg Szymanski

Greg Szymanski released three 9/11 related articles this week, all of which i was unaware of.. here they are:

Two of the bin Laden Brothers Tell Unsuspecting American Couple in 1987 About U.S. Government's Plan to Topple the Twin Towers

There are as many stories about 9/11 conspiracy theories as there are stars in the sky, but this one somehow shines brighter and larger than most. It starts out as a simple story about a young couple who crossed paths in 1986 while getting their degrees in clinical hypnosis. It very well could end, having world wide implications, since their story could provide hard evidence that the U.S. government was planning to bring down the Twin Towers as early as 1987.
Since 9/11, the couple has been trying to spread the word about their peculiar meeting with the bin Ladens and how this relates to 9/11, but their story has been greeted mostly with deaf ears and disbelieving eyes.
"We have offered ourselves as willing to testify under oath in court if this ever goes to trial," said Logsdon. "Even though all other 9/11 related court cases have been silenced by the Bush administration, I still remain optimistic that one day justice will prevail."

Three Big Stories Show U.S. Government Planned to Bring Down The Twin Towers Many Years Before 9/11

Stories the government would like to forget, the mainstream media will never report and the 9/11 Commission ignored

Friendly Federal Court Judge Doubles WTC Insurance Recovery to a Whopping $7.2 Billion
(this article is a followup to the recent article posted on May 2nd)

Shareholder of major insurer that stands to lose billions files grievance for failure to investigate fraud in the future recovery by Larry Silverstein, who acquired the lease on the WTC only six weeks prior to the attacks
The WTC came under the control of a private ownership of Silverstein for the first time on April 26, 2001, having been built and managed by the Port Authority as a public resource since its creation.