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TheDay.com - Still Wondering Where NORAD Was On 9/11
(thanks to 911citizenswatch.org for the heads up!)

I urge Americans to ask their elected officials where NORAD was on September 11, 2001, and also demand an independent investigation into the whereabouts of NORAD that day.

Michael RUPPERT, speaks in Portland on JUNE 2nd
self explanitory ;)

Regulated Resistance: Is it possible to change the system when you are the system?
this is an intresting article discussing the group 'United for Peace and Justice' (UFPJ) (unitedforpeace.org).. apparently they are unwilling to allow the subject of 9/11 truth to be part of their movement.. it's odd to me how there are so many anti-war people, and how those that direct them are paranoid to even discuss 9/11..

here are some quotes from the article:

Janice Matthews, a mother of six from Kansas City, Kansas, two of whom are draft age, has been involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement since its inception more than two years ago. She and seven colleagues attended the Assembly to present a campaign to raise awareness of the government cover-up of the real facts behind the September 11th attacks. She believes that the proposals that were adopted at the Assembly speak pretty clearly to the direction of UFPJ and, more importantly, their seeming lack of willingness to accept or participate in any risk.
Matthews colleague Gabriel Day believes those delegates who voted against 9/11 Truth did so because they only will let themselves believe in the safe "blowback" theory of 9/11, which asserts that the US was attacked solely by radical Islamic fundamentalists because of its policies in the Middle East, and that the Bush Administration chose to “hijack” this catastrophe to serve their own purposes, but had no idea the attacks were coming, nor had any complicity in organizing or facilitating them.

“This approach completely ignores mountains of evidence pointing to government foreknowledge and even potential complicity in the attacks,” said Day. “[UFPJ] are more concerned with ending the current hot conflict in Iraq and still fail to see the huge potential to derail the whole PNAC war machine by exposing the criminal, treasonous acts of 9/11.”

oddly enough one of UFPJ's protest images on their front page shows a few 9/11 truth signs.. it seems to me that those that are against the afghanistan or iraq war should take at least a few weeks to research 9/11 and find the root causes of how these wars were justified and how the public was manipulated into supporting these wars.