Subject of 9/11 Flaming On Everywhere

I have said a few times that the more and more frustrated the American public becomes with the current administration over Iraq, loss of freedoms, etc. the more the American public questions the events of 9/11.

And that makes complete sense.

Look at the wars we are in, look at the aggressive policies of this administration, the loss of personal freedoms, the climate of fear, the encroachment on personal privacy, torture of prisoners, it all ties back to 9/11.

This administration wanted 9/11 so that they could motivate the populace to war, and now that that war is falling apart and people are waking up to the corruption perhaps people will start to realize why no planes intercepted on 9/11, how those '19' attacked the most protected building in America, and why Bush sat in that Florida classroom without being evacuated, it's because they knew all about it.

Here is a more mainstream article mentioning 9/11, I am hopeful this recent wave of indignation will continue and that people will continue to come forward with their information and support behind the belief that this administration was in the very least complicit in the attacks of 9/11.

Karl Rove's "Understanding of 9/11"

Karl, you say you “understand 9/11. Then why did you and your friends so vehemently oppose the creation of a 9/11 Independent Commission? Once the commission was established, why did you refuse to properly fund the Commission by allotting it only a $3 million budget? Why did you refuse to allow access to documents and witnesses for the 9/11 Commissioners? Why did we have to fight so hard for an extension when the Commissioners told us that they needed more time due to your footdragging and stonewalling? Why didn't you want to cooperate so that all Americans could understand what happened on 9/11?