Times Online Mentions Upcoming Al-Jazeera 9/11 Series

A month or two back Michael Ruppert mentioned that Al-Jazeera would be running a series on 9/11 on this years anniversary. I haven't been able to track down the exact dates and times, and I am not sure what opportunities we might have here in the U.S. to watch it either.

In any event, the Times Online mentioned the upcoming series in the following article:
CIA videos reveal the missed chances to kill Bin Laden

Previously unseen footage of Osama Bin Laden taken by a CIA spy drone reveals how close the Americans came to killing the Al-Qaeda leader two years before the September 11 attacks.
The missed opportunities are documented in Blinking Red, an Al-Jazeera series beginning this week to mark the fourth anniversary of September 11.

At least now we know the series is entitled 'Blinking Red', and that it is indeed coming out soon (this week). I tried briefly to find a TV schedule but didn't have much luck. Anyone else out there know any details on this series as to what it will cover and when it will air?