Rep. Curt Wheldon: DIA Lies, Destroys Reputations

If what US Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) says is true about the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), America has been wearing a blindfold so as not to see the truth about 9 / 11 prevention.

Weldon, Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security Committee, addressed the House of Representatives. He exposed the DIA as a perpetrator of deceit and intentionally destroying the reputation of a reputable American so that the latter would not be able to tell the truth. He is LTC Anthony Shaffer, a 23-year defense intelligence officer, whom the DIA has sought to smear.

"Shaffer is being abused and used as a scapegoat. If they (the DIA) can ruin Shaffer, they can silence the story," Weldon stated.

His speech also focused on a 20-person team, Able Danger, that came up with invaluable information via new technology that revealed crucial data that could have prevented 9 / 11. Weldon said further that Able Danger's significant data has been destroyed purposefully so as not to embarrass the DIA.

Just months ago, Weldon said he learned that in 1999 and 2000 a secret program known as Able Danger was put in place by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and seen through by the general in charge of the Special Forces Command. It was a force able to uncover key cells of al Qaeda globally, giving the military the capability to destroy those cells so they could not repeat carnage as set loose at the Trade Center, Khobar Towers, USS Cole and the African embassy.

Just months ago, Weldon stated he discovered that Able Danger "actually identified the Brooklyn cell of al Qaeda in January and February 2000, over 1 year before 9 / 11 ever happened. In addition, I learned that not only did we identify the Brooklyn cell of al Qaeda, but we identified Mohamed Atta as one of the members of that Brooklyn cell along with three other terrorists who were the leadership of the 9 / 11 attack."

In September 2000, Able Danger tried to inform the FBI about their findings. Lawyers denied three times their admittance to the FBI.

Weldon stated that the FBI Director has now "publicly said if he would have had that information, the FBI could have used it to perhaps prevent the hijackings that struck the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that landed in Pennsylvania and perhaps saved 3000 lives and changed the course of world history."

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Beat me to it by seconds.

Beat me to it by seconds. :-)

Let's not forget the real

Let's not forget the real

Let's not forget the real reason Able Danger is being promoted (in the MSM and also) here:

To bolster the ludicrous false belief that 9/11 can be blamed on suicidal Muslim hijackers.