Bin Laden Staying Quiet; Experts Remain Wary

Although this is an "alternative" 9/11 news blog, some statements in this article are perfect examples of the propaganda we've all been subjected to since 9/11 that, oddly enough, seem to coincide with the drops in Bush's approval ratings.,2933,174635,00.html

Usama bin Laden has been publicly silent for the longest period since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The question for U.S. intelligence: What, if anything, does it mean?
"This is the first time things have changed in years. Messages have generally come in a consistent pattern, and now they are not," Venzke said. "It is likely that these changes in messaging by Al Qaeda (search) are the result of planning and a P.R. strategy, as opposed to their computer broke."
Bin Laden also could be plotting an attack on the United States and has made a strategic messaging decision to keep quiet in the lead-up to the attack, Venzke said.
"Al Qaeda's leader, Usama bin Laden, has called on Muslims to dedicate, their 'resources, sons and money to driving the infidels out of their lands,"' Bush said in Norfolk, Va., on Oct. 28. "The tactics of Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists have been consistent for a quarter-century: They hit us, and they expect us to run."

Public confidence in Bush's handling of foreign policy and terrorism has steadily dropped since a high point after the Sept. 11 attacks. In the most recent AP-Ipsos polling, 46 percent approved of his handling of those issues.

I'm glad I don't read them

I'm glad I don't read them anymore.

Here's MSNBC's

Here's MSNBC's version...

Pretty much identical. How

Pretty much identical. How does this work? Does the government write up these stories and send them to all the news outlets????

I pay no attention the Fox

I pay no attention the Fox News and the mass media. Osama is dead. Has been since 2001. He was just a patsy like Oswald.

maddog... how do you know

maddog... how do you know he's been dead? I recently saw this article, but before that, I hadn't seen anything... not that I can remember...

I do think he's dead, but I want to see any sources you may have... The reason I think he's dead is because he hasn't been captured, and because he had poor health.

I beleive he has been dead

I beleive he has been dead for years also. If he died they certainly would not tell us so they could continue to use him as a threat. Also offering a 25 million dollar reward for someone who doesnt exist makes the US government look like they are serious about their B.S. war on terror with no risk of anyone actually collecting.Jimmy Walter could do the same with his one million dollar challenge to anyone who could prove the twin towers werent brought down with explosives. There is no threat to anyone collecting because it cant be done. He simply doesnt have 25 million to honestly offer.

Check out this link.

Check out this link.
As you know Osama was a patsy like Oswald. He was a huge threat to the 9/11 cover-up. He had to be eliminated just like Oswald was. The Osama tape just before the elections had "Hollywood" written all over it.