We Don’t Need Them

9/11 isn't mentioned once in this article, yet it has everything to do with what we are trying to do:


I’ve never understood the idea of speaking truth to power. The truth, surely, is that in almost all countries of the world, political and economic systems are designed to benefit only the rich and powerful, at the expense of those with less money and power. This is how the world works, and I see no reason to think that the powerful don’t already understand that. After all, they designed it; they maintain it.

They steal our money, sacrifice our children in their wars, send the poorest and most victimized among us off to jail for petty mistakes, and crush those of us who might present a real threat to the arrangement. They know we don’t like it. They don’t care. They don’t need to care. They also control most of our avenues of dissent. It’s a very simple, very elegant design.
Well, the government and their pals are not going to stop using and abusing us. They’re not going to stop preying on us. They cannot stop! Republican or Democrat, they are rich and powerful precisely because they prey on us. They are rich because they rob us. They’re robbing us right this minute. They are powerful because they dominate every aspect of our lives, because they’ve taken control of all the major social, political, economic, and communication systems in the world. These systems were designed to increase their wealth and power by taking both from all the rest of us.

But, we are not children, and they are not our parents. We’re not little people and they are not big people. We’re not insignificant and they are not significant. In fact, we do not need them.

They are very few and we, here in the US alone, are roughly three hundred million. We don’t need to rush out to tell the few that they are abusing the many. They already know that. We need to stand upright and walk out to tell the many that they are being slowly devoured by the few, for -- incredibly, they do not know. We need to look to our next-door neighbors, and to their next door neighbors and to the folks all along the block. We need to tell the truth to each other -- for we are the answer.
Want to change the world? Tell the truth to the plumber. Begin with the lady who hands you the stamps at the post office. Talk with the check-out people at the grocery store. Chat with the waiter at your favorite café. Speak with the cops who sit down at the next table. Gab for a few minutes with the guy who changes your oil or with the elementary school teacher with whom you’ve been discussing your child’s future. Lean out of your window while stopped at the light and tell the truck driver some truth he’s certain to recall and ponder.

Heres something small anyone

Heres something small anyone can do. I just got back from the big local book store. I went staight to the current affairs/political science section to check for any of "our" books. They had both of David Griffins 911 books(I had previously special ordered "ommissions and distortions" when they didnt have either book on the shelf for sale). They had multiple copies of Webster Tarpleys "synthetic terror"(I had previously special ordered this when they had never had this available in their store according to their records). They had "crossing the rubicon" which I had previously purchased,911 revisited(looks like an easy read with all the big questions and ok pictures),and "the war on truth". Theres nothing wrong with mailorder but demand and purchase these books from your neighborhood store and they will end up on the shelves to be seen and bought by your community. Its worth the extra couple bucks and you know you did at least a litle something to help. I also leave all the 911 books faced with cover showing so it will stand out until the clerks get to it every time I visit.

This what i do but i also

This what i do but i also handout
and usaully with a DECEPTION DOLLAR
for good measures....to all walks of life

Same here literally

Same here literally everywhere I go I talk to the average joe(joan). And offer just a moment or two of forgotten or missed truths followed by a caring supportive smile and the dollar certainly to be more valuable than any single dollar in thier pocket. Drive thru service is my favorite with supadubya or truthtold or any one of the handful of informative tunes playing on my ipod to my stereo. I guess the music shows whomever I am mentioning the truth to that I am not alone in my thinking. And the car makes me more relaxed knowing I can escape should the need present itself. Fortunately that hasnt been neccesary yet. Seem people have the feeling that something is not right but the just dont pull the peices together or something. Anyway I think I am rambling. Cheers

boy, this piece is truly

boy, this piece is truly inspiring. I'm shy but forced myself to handout about 290 cards recommending 911truth.org at the LA Nov 2 rally cuz the word needs to get out. Neutral to positive response. I'm in the process of getting 911 truth on public access 911tv@septembereleventh.org in San Bernardino. No local group so I'm working on starting one. I wonder about being attacked, but truly there is a majority in America who think whoever did 9/11 is evil and needs to be punished, and so does anyone who covered it up. I'd say 30% at the most will refuse to accept the truth even if they see executions in 5-20 years, but right now what % are aware or able to handle the truth? However many already know, every American needs and deserves to know, and eventually everyone will know. Hopefully the Truth is spreading faster than the Flu.