Guilty of Protecting War Criminals

Action Alert everybody, please send this letter to all your media contacts:

Dear owners, editors, and producers of America's largest media companies:

We, the people of the United States of America, have considered your coverage of the so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, vote fraud, torture by U.S. soldiers, and 9/11, and have found you guilty of willfully failing to disseminate the real news of the day in order to protect those in power.

We have carefully examined pre-war evidence that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, evidence widely disseminated at the time by knowledgeable people such as former weapons inspectors Scott Ritter and Hans Blix, and have found that this information was readily available to anyone open to seeing it. We have decided that you willfully ignored such evidence, and instead trumpeted the obvious propaganda of the king and his minions.

We have analyzed the many credible reports that the election of 2004 was stolen through vote fraud, including the recent report by the GAO, and found that this would be the conclusion of any thoughtful, non-partisan who spent the time to think through the issue. We thus find you have willfully attempted to consolidate the power of those who came to power through a coup.

We have thoughtfully reflected on the abundant evidence that U.S. troops violated the Geneva Conventions by torturing prisoners -- many of them innocent people -- in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world, and that such torture was ordered and condoned by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other top officials. We have concluded that you willfully ignored such evidence for years, so as to protect the wars of adventure undertaken for imperial purposes.

Finally, we have taken a long, sober look at what really happened on September 11, 2001, and concluded that you have consciously ignored the overwhelming evidence that certain elements of the U.S government were complicit in the attacks. You have thus aided and abetted the commission of the greatest crime against American citizens in modern history.

We, who are republicans, democrats, and independents, therefor find you guilty of using disinformation and censorship to protect those in power. When they fall, you also will fall. Admittedly, you must have realized this fact long ago, and made the conscious decision to "close ranks", so that the truth of the multiple criminal actions of the current administration would not come to light, since you realized that if such crimes see the light of day, your participation in covering them up would be apparent.

But please note that you are only making it WORSE for yourself by delaying the inevitable. There is a season for all things, and the season of this administration is rapidly ending.

If you tell these long-suppressed stories now, at this time, then the American people may mete out a degree of forgiveness for your failure to report the news. If not, you will be treated as all other war criminals. For wasn't Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, guilty of war crimes? Were not his false statements responsible for causing untold death and misery, as much as the actions of any soldier or general?

We, the people of the United States of America, judge you guilty of protecting war criminals, and the door of leniency for your failure to tell the truth about those in power is quickly closing.

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