Daryl Bradford Smith solves 9-11

Things have been kind of quiet lately, this ought to shake things up a bit:


Well, hundreds of web sites are promoting Nuclear Glow, Holographic Airplanes, Mysterious Spires, comic-book level Black-Op Technologies, and numerous other thoroughly idiotic ideas.

You might ask, "Why should I care if the Internet is full of nonsense?"

The answer is that when you tell somebody about 9-11, and if they look on the Internet for additional information, these idiotic sites are likely to appear in their search for information because there are so many of them. This will turn some people away from the issue, and give conspiracy theories a bad image.

I agree that Holograms,

I agree that Holograms, etc... are bullshit, but this just another attack article.

That was a complete waste of

That was a complete waste of my valuable time. What kind of clown is Smith? "If they don't have evidence for their theory, they don't have a theory." It is a theory until you have the actual evidence neccesary to prove or dismiss it as a fact.

And why does somebigguy keep posting nonsense? I wish dz would work solo again. At least he didnt waste time posting ridiculous crap. And now i have to waste more time to comment on such crap, I think this is a serious issue and I hope dz addresses it as it continues to get knee deep on his once crap free site.

SBG is from the Bulletin

SBG is from the Bulletin Board crowd... like me. He is accustomed to a "certain way" of doing things. I agree that articles like these are a MASSIVE waste of time, and only hurt the movement, but SBG's work with the 9/11 Truth Movement is admirable. I know he works hard to get the truth out. He's just an ass.

Nothin' but love for ya SBG...

BTW... just so people don't

BTW... just so people don't question my BB... here are the rules of the "9/11 Truther Forum".

I would like to make a

I would like to make a suggestion... How about a blurb about the site's position on "certain" articles... Both dazinith and somebigguy are "truthers". They both have opinions on certain issues. I think if you're going to cover all aspects of "9/11 Truth", you should at least make your viewpoints known for what you're posting... so people don't reach any unsubstanitated conclusions.

Well to sbg's credit he did

Well to sbg's credit he did say "Things have been kind of quiet lately, this ought to shake things up a bit:" Maybe that should have been my clue.

Still. I'd like to see a little less of this stuff. So much real info is available for us to discuss and distribute to be wasting time looking at crap. We have a criminal regime that does a good job feeding us crap via their complicit partners at the media giants and wingtv I dont need be entertained here I come here to work toward a better world. If I want to wade thru crap I'd go to RENSE.

You have a point. One I

You have a point. One I can't argue. SBG is my friend. I stand by my friends... You're more than welcome on my site... I post a lot of the same stuff that 911Blogger is famous for.

For the record, both somebigguy, and dazinith are GOOD, SINCERE, WONDERFUL, GREAT, FANTASTIC 9/11 Truthers, and deserve thanks for their efforts.

I'll add, I've grown to like

I'll add, I've grown to like smith's radio show and often listen to the recent mp3s at iamthewitness.com.

But his buddy/partner Hufschmidt's recent articles have just run around in circles and wasted my time, no major 911-truther meets his exacting standards, and it's as though he's posturing as the gatekeeper of the movement. In one of his articles of this nature, "wolf in sheeps clothing" or some such, he even cited the quite obvious gummit black op Vic Thorn/WingTV in making his point trying to discredit another truther-- I'd have to find and read it again to get those details-- but no, Hufschmidt was NOT discrediting WingTV in this rant, he was using them as a "source" to discredit someone else.

Hufschmidt is making more SMOKE in the movement with these pieces than the WingTV black op ever could back when they were out trying to destroy A Jones and M Ruppert and J Rense.

Did TPTB "get to" Hufschmidt? And what does that say about DB Smith?

I say, don't focus on it,

I say, don't focus on it, and move on...

Hey, in my defense, I try to

Hey, in my defense, I try to post all alternative 9/11 related information I run into. This was definitely an alternative 9/11 article.

How do I know what is right or wrong??? Is this really nonsense? Who makes that decision? It is not up to me to decide what is worthwhile reading and what isn't. My task here is to post 9/11 related info, the only thing I steer clear from is articles that focus on the official story.

I will not censor what gets posted on here based on my beliefs, this site promotes no specific theories of 9/11, it promotes any and all 9/11 theories, it is up to the viewer to make their own decisions.

The only thing I know for sure is demolition brought down those towers, the rest is up in the air.

There were no holograms

There were no holograms used.

somebigguy-dont let the

somebigguy-dont let the disrespectfull comments get you down. Your heart is in the right place. All of us who are regular to this and other such sites know what the strongest issues are and "us" learning anything more doesnt really move things any closer to what we all want to see happen. The major obstacal besides "the system" is the people who know the truth who are highly respected in all our communities who could organize a movement that simply couldnot be ignored. If "they" were to stand outside work with signs everyone who has ridiculed those of speacking the truth would shit their pants and would not dare disrespect these very brave men who happen to know a thing or two about certain areas of concern to us all. That is what it will take in my opinion. Their silence has hurt the movement more than anything else because we all know the system is certainly never going to do its job.

Thanks Jaybird, I don't

Thanks Jaybird, I don't necessarily find it disrespectful, maybe he's right.

However, where do I draw the line? Do I refrain from posting such articles, especially from people like Eric Hufschmidt who is one of the most influential truthers out there? After all, maybe Eric is right.

The truth movement is obsessed with the supposed "disinfo agents" that are amongst all of us. Maybe if we all spent our time spreading the truth instead of fighting with each other, articles such as this wouldn't exist.

I've lost count of how many

I've lost count of how many (of what I consider to be) quality posts that SBG has made since contributing to this site. And not to take ANYTHING away from DZ, but I think this place has improved from SBG's presence here.

just my 2 cents (FWTW)


what articles should and

what articles should and shouldn't be covered is the stickiest subject of all. by covering an article we risk some disagreeing with the article, and by not covering an article we risk others saying we are biased, or being 'gatekeepers'.

911blogger will not be posting personal opinons, or siding with certain factions, this site was created to avoid such things, and by covering an article noone should read into it our support or opposition of the opinions expressed in the article unless explicitly stated.

911blogger is here to keep people up to date with everything being said about 9/11, no matter who agrees or disagrees with the subject matter covered.. if you disagree, then email the author of the article and let them know!

in other words, everyone will eventually disagree with an article linked, but hopefully the frequency of updates and variety of coverage will outweigh the disagreements of personal opinion. i posted penn & teller's 'bullshit' episode attacking 9/11 researchers, did that mean i agreed with their opinion, or was it to make others aware so that they could respond?

after all, what other sites out there link to so many other 9/11 related sites, and cover so many 9/11 related articles? none. if you want a stated viewpoint and opinion visit any of the other 9/11 related sites, they will argue amongst themselves over who is right and who is wrong, or if you just want to know everything and make your own decisions then visit us.

this site would have died over the last 2 months without SBG, plain and simple.

as for this article, maybe it was pointless, and didnt need to be mentioned, but it sparked a discussion, and perhaps that was the point.

much love to those actively persuing 9/11 truth.

Eric H is one of the best

Eric H is one of the best writters on the web at the moment.

it seems to be getting

it seems to be getting tougher to know who to believe; in general, it seems best to work independently

Hey Stallion, thanks for

Hey Stallion, thanks for your support!!

On another note, a lot of what we post here offends Blimp Pilot, but we haven't stopped posting that information either.

I appreciate having an

I appreciate having an overview at least of all the stuff dz and somebigguy come up with! It's a fine job they're doing, I say. Well then, how 'bout a song before we saddle up!


Just read this one small

Just read this one small piece of the article. SBG you are smart enough as you let it be known when you posted the article that "this should stir things up" So I beleive you are being disingenious when you say who can judge what is nonsense. I beleive you can and I ask that you do in the future at least make some notation that some would find this to be more slapstick comedy than actual research.

"The coup de grace in Smith's investigation is how they got geese to fly in a formation that resembled a Boeing 767, with blackbirds for tires, complete with a pelican beak pod on the underbelly. He further has discovered that this may have been the start of bird flu as they went into the building. Boom! Ignition!"

I am so sorry but if you dont think this is complete nonsense and can't detect it as such no wonder our movement has been so slow.

Now for those that believe I was being disrespectful for stating an opinion on what I found to be a waste of my time. When I could have been printing posters or organizing a protest or calling my senator or my states governor or faking "hook-ups" to sucker people into coming into my home and then ending up seeing a video or just to be able to plant a little of the 9-11 truth into their thought process.

I have been involved in finding the truth for nearly 4years. I have been a very vocal though not a very public image of the movement as have many others. I take offense to your comment
"If "they" were to stand outside work with signs everyone who has ridiculed those of speacking the truth would shit their pants and would not dare disrespect these very brave men who happen to know a thing or two about certain areas of concern to us all."
Being part of the 9-11 truth movement in the Phoenix area is to be alone out on a limb.
I have been working and speaking out going to DC and NYC to protest and do research. I have been so involved I am on the Terrorist Watch List and let me assure you that I am watched. Do you know the fear of having SUVs following you around during the day and at night and you turn in manners that are immpossible to be someones route to check whether your being tailed and they even follow you into an alley in a city that does not use alleys as driveways or road(in otherwords cars never go in the alleys here.garbage trucks are about all that ever goes in them) So for you to claim I lack bravery when you dont now squat about my involvement and the risks I have taken and continue to take despite the governments attempts to scare me into silence is unwarrented and I find That is disrespectful.

Generally speaking I am not very critical of those on the side of truth we all have our quirks. But I do find that SBG has posted a number of articles that I felt were obviously ridiculous yet I have not voiced that until this one.(yes he has posted a lot more articles that were of importance) Certainly I do not expect dz to get rid of what i assume to be a volunteer. and I have thanked SBG personally for his hard work and involvment. I apologize if in my quest for the truth I have been offensive my intent has been to do everything in my power to try and save my beloved country and salvage it's reputation.
I think speaking the truth is as important as seeking it is.
Now that i have cleared that up. Peace and may one day we all know the truth of what really happened that day. And make certain that it never happens again in our country or any other country. And may the real terrorists be impeached and locked up for the rest of their sorry lives.

Hey Runnaround, I believe

Hey Runnaround, I believe this statement:

"If "they" were to stand outside work with signs everyone who has ridiculed those of speacking the truth would shit their pants and would not dare disrespect these very brave men who happen to know a thing or two about certain areas of concern to us all."

was not directed at you, but those in the government and media who know the truth and if they ever had the balls to stand outside with a sign stating this fact, they couldn't not be ignored. I believe you have misunderstood the statement.

Secondly, the article in question uses some obviously ridiculous analogies to describe what the author sees as some ridiculous theories prevalent in the 9/11 truth movement. Because he describes a flock of birds in the shape of an airplane with a pod to describe what he sees as a waste of time does not mean the article is slapstick. Seems to me that the author was making some valid points, I don't see anything in there resembling slapstick. I believe you took that one paragraph out of context, I suggest you go back and read the whole thing and consider the message he is trying to convey. This is something else I believe you may have misunderstood.

Now I assume by previous "ridiculous" articles that I may have posted, I have to assume you mean the Eric Hufschmidt articles. Are you saying I shouldn't post something that Eric writes because it might offend someone? Eric is one of the most well respected truthers out there and has a tremendous impact on the movement, it is our duty to report what he has to say.

You claim the movement has been slow. Again, I suggest you look at this article as well as Eric's. These people are suggesting that we stop pushing theories that cannot be proven and in some cases may be ridiculous. That is the intention of the two articles you seem to be having trouble with. Please try to understand the purpose of the articles.

I once believed and promoted the pod theory. Thankfully, somebody took the time to suggest I find better ways to promote the truth, something that stands up better under intense scrutiny. At first I resisted, but ultimately realized he was right.

That does not mean the pod theory is not a possibility, it does not mean missles, remote control, and holograms are not possible. It means that I became must more effective at promoting the truth using evidence that was much more ironclad and beyond any reasonable doubt. That is the point of these articles, to try to influence our movement in a positive way. At least that is my opinion.

Well said.

Well said.

Hey, Jon, How can you (like

Hey, Jon,

How can you (like Daryl Bradford Smith and others, including, I'd imagine, all LIHOPers) be so certain/adamant that no holograms were used?

Inquiring minds want to know how you were able to decisively rule out the possibility so we could safely remove it from all discussion and get on with considering all the possibilities...

Well blimpy... can you prove

Well blimpy... can you prove to me such technology exists? Technology owned by the Government that is capable of projecting 3Dimensional holograms towards a building?

Holograms capable of

Holograms capable of duplicating the sound of a Jet Engine...

Incidentally... What makes

Incidentally... What makes you think I'm a "LIHOPER"?

Blimpy... are you the

Blimpy... are you the opposition, or are you just insane?