KUTV Coverage of Professor Steven E. Jones

Check out this news report discussing Steven Jones, they definitely give him a fair shake. Share this with your local news and show them how they can make a difference.

Hmm, maybe a few more

Hmm, maybe a few more words.

if its a fair shake, its but a tiny one, I can't find him in the news


lets bomb CrooksandLiars.com

lets bomb CrooksandLiars.com with some 9/11 truth. we have some government apologists over there that need a good talking to.

that video is freakin

that video is freakin great..

asside from the 'ablaze' reference to WTC7 it is a great start to take off the blinders of americans..

great stuff.. spread this far and wide

btw, the spelling is

btw, the spelling is 'steven', not 'stephen'.. had to fix it here and a few other spots.. if youve posted links you may want to make sure they still work since the URL is based on the title of the article..

What Is The 9/11

The NeoCon website Newsmax

The NeoCon website Newsmax has also linked to this story:


i bumped this back to the

i bumped this back to the top since this is the biggest news for the day.. ausome stuff, and great find!

dz: have you considered

dz: have you considered using the 1999 trial regarding the real assassin behind Martin Luther King's death as a compliment to the the incubator lie?

*complement rather!

*complement rather!



These clips were captured from a mini-dv (via betacam) tape given to me on 12th september 2001 via a national spanish tv station.

If you have problems viewing the footage (converted with quicktime pro), please goto
to download the free player

Sound clips
Aftermath sound
download (48khz) 3.5mb aiff

Building collapse
download (48khz) 1.79mb aiff

Pentagon sound
download (48khz) 3.5mb aiff

wtc7 sound
download (48khz) 2.41mb aiff

Video clips
Aftermath video
download (m2v) 13.7mb mpg2

Building collapse video
download (m2v) 6.9mb mpg2

Pentagon video
download (m2v) 7.9mb mpg2

wtc7 video
download (m2v) 9.3mb mpg2

hey, whats this i hear that

hey, whats this i hear that this steven guy is the same guy that reported to have discovered cold fusion?

is it possible that this guy is a plant, who will be laughed at automatically by "mainstream" scientists because of this cold fusion thing?

It seems to me the majority

It seems to me the majority of the work regarding Cold Fusion was more towards research than discovery.



Oops Michelle, Popular

Oops Michelle, Popular Mechanics article was debunked too...


And oops Michelle your credibility was also debunked ...


rumor has it that jones will

rumor has it that jones will be on tucker carlson tonight at 11:15pm EST.. may just be a rumor, but keep your eyes open.

Fusion, which powers the sun

Fusion, which powers the sun and hydrogen bombs, normally occurs only at extremely high temperatures. If a means could be found to harness a form of hydrogen fusion as a commercial source of power, some scientists have said, energy shortages could be forestalled.

Some of the new experiments also sought to reproduce the less contentious findings on cold fusion reported independently by Dr. Steven E. Jones and his colleagues at Brigham Young University in Utah. Dr. Jones, who used a device similar to the one in the Pons-Fleischmann experiment, did not claim that any useful energy was produced. But he did report that slightly more neutrons were detected while the cell was operating than could be expected from normal sources. The result suggests at least the possibility of fusion, he said, although it is not likely to be useful as an energy source..........It seems Jones dabbled with cold fusion. Not unusual for a scientist to do. This should have no bearing on his credibility.