Press Conference in Tampa to Launch a Genuine 9/11 Investigation-Dec 6

Philanthropist Jimmy Walter Presents:

The New Pearl Harbor - Confronting the Evidence

Press Conference in Tampa to Launch a Genuine 9/11 Investigation, December
6th, 10:00AM, Don Vincente De Ybor Hotel

WHO: 9/11 experts Jimmy Walter, Morgan Reynolds, David Von Kleist, William Rodriguez, Joyce Riley, and Eric Hufschmid.

WHAT: A Real Investigation into What Happened on September 11, 2001.

This forum is an investigation into the following:

1. Why the Bush administration ignored warning signs about terrorist attacks.
2. Why they leaked classified information to the media.
3. Why members of the administration lied under oath and obstructed justice in an investigation about national security violations.
4. Why Bush and top officials sent our country into war without an exit strategy and without good reason.
5. Why the Republican administration has created massive deficits, while cutting spending on social programs and veteran benefits, and giving tax cuts to the richest Americans.
6. Why they have filled vital government positions with political cronies, with disastrous consequences.

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2005 @ 10 A.M.
WHERE: Don Vincente De Ybor Hotel, Tampa Florida
RSVP: Contact Angus or Ilene @ (310) 271-5857 or Email

Im glad this is occuring in

Im glad this is occuring in this area.
Im planning on attending.

glad to see you back and

glad to see you back and going SBG :)

Thanks DZ!!!

Thanks DZ!!!

9/11: Attack or godsend? Was

9/11: Attack or godsend?
Was 9/11 more than just an attack? Could the Bush administration have had anything to gain from the attack? Two prominent European politicians, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bülow, express their serious doubts about the official version of the 9/11 story.

Link to Video:

i thought Jimmy Walter was

i thought Jimmy Walter was done with 9/11 truth? and isnt Von Kliest the guy promoting the pod/missile into the WTC theory?

What a PR disaster. This

What a PR disaster. This crew is going to represent 9/11 truth? The promoters of the pod and flash hoaxes, plus the fellow who thinks Apollo was a hoax and everyone doing 9/11 other than him is a preplanted agent?

Hmph. Poor Willie Rodriguez.

This is hilarious, too...

This is hilarious, too... Check out this link and search for Proctor.

Hufschmid attacking Proctor as a presumed "Zionist agent" for trying to introduce Bollyn to the guy from Bradblog. Apparently Hufschmid is unaware that she is his OWN PR agent (by proxy, since she does Jimmy's bidding in promoting Hufschmid's work, and now as the PR agent for the event Hufschmid is appearing at in Tampa!!!) How could he not even figure out who his own PR agent is?!

What a crew! Reynolds unfortunately has gone for holograms, so this will be a real collection. Flashes, missile pods, Zionists everywhere, etc.

That 911ers lap this up gratefully as attention!

Jimmy still hasn't killed the movement, so he's back for another shot. Check

Check out the VIDEO

Yikes, no wonder the mass

Yikes, no wonder the mass media thinks the 9/11 Truth movement is a bunch of whackos. Am I the only one deeply distrubed that a lot in the 9/11 Truth movement continues to propigate this missle/no plane pentagon theory, WTC flashes, pods. Why doesn't this little get together bring in David Icke so they can talk about Reptillian freemasons too? There's so much updated into and new revelations into the real 9/11 coverup, looks like they are just regurgitating the same ol same ol'. I wonder if they'll talk about al Qaeda's Ptech firm, and how they had access to FAA systems the morning of 9/11?

who was Jimmy Walter before

who was Jimmy Walter before he was a 9/11 truth killer? anyone know where this guy came from?

I see we got some Bush

I see we got some Bush supporters looking at the 911 blogger.
you guys better run to BuzzFlash because after 2 weeks since BYU Professor released his research Paper

"Steven E. Jones, Brigham Young Physics Professor, Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTC "

they have a story on thier site.
ps for C,Z and pockybot

Free DVD that proves the Bush adm Orchestrated 9-11

With each passig day more and more American citizens
are learning the truth about 9-11.
And the truth is that the Bush adminstration Planned and Orchestrated 9-11
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C,Z and pockybot my email

C,Z and pockybot
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for a DVD that proves the Bush adm
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Negative Newbies Focus on

Negative Newbies Focus on Disbelief

I've noticed a ton people more concerned with keeping up respectable appearences than with seeking truth lately.

These arguments advocating dissmissing something because it's, well... "just so unbelievable" are the EXACT SAME arguments used by sheeple to not engage 911 truth at all.

The purpose of 911 Truth action is to present information and possible theories that could explain the info.

The purpose of the 911 Truth movement IS NOT to tell people what is or isn't true (passing judgement). Thinking people can determine that for themselves. Which is a second purpose of the truth movement: To get people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

Snide negative remarks are what bring down the movement!

Hey Busy Activist, I

Hey Busy Activist, I couldn't agree with you more, everything should be investigated to try to figure out what happened that day.

However, the truth movement has another mandate besides discussing theories. The Truth Movement also has the task of bringing the fact that the official story of 9/11 is a lie to the masses and forcing a real investigation into the attacks.

Unfortunately, we lack credibility in the eyes of the public, whereas the mainstream media has all the credibility for some reason. Its not fair, but its what we have to deal with.

So, when bringing the truth to the masses we should concentrate on the most ironclad evidence we have. We should not bring forth anything that involves a lot of speculation or theories, just cold hard facts.

Anything that is easily debunked should be avoided at this point until further proof exists, that doesn't mean we don't continue to pursue and investigate our other theories in private so to speak.

Unfortunately, there are those that appear to want it to be "their theory" or no theory and will not listen to reason. People are taking it personally when someone doesn't agree with their theories, and that has to stop.

Because if a theory stands up to intense scrutiny, then people will not be able to disagree with it. If someone cannot adequately "sell" their theory, then maybe there is a problem with that theory, and it should be avoided in the mainstream until further evidence presents itself.

Why would anyone knock Jimmy

Why would anyone knock Jimmy Walter? I don't get it. He has spent more money out of his own pocket than any of us trying to get the truth about 9/11 out there. I have his dvd, "Confronting the Evidence" and it is a good one. Activists like Tarply, Griffin and Zwicker are on the video. Who cares about "pods" or "holograms"? We may never know what really happened. All we can be sure of is that 9/11 was an inside job and the Twin Towers and WTC7 were brought down by controlled demolition. The whole purpose of the 9/11 truth movement is to wake Americans up to the fact that 9/11 was a government sponsored operation to push their sick agenda. To get the people to back their oil wars ect. Once enough people wake up we will win this thing. So stop the damn in fighting! I am getting sick and tired of it.

pw... how come you never

pw... how come you never mention my site in your daily emails?

A recent email from Jimmy

A recent email from Jimmy Walter.
Straight from the horse's mouth . . .

From: Jimmy Walter
To: ; William Rodriguez ; Les Jamieson
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 5:16 AM
Subject: Volunteers meeting in NYC.
Dear William, Les, and David, and everyone else, please pass this along.
I want to have a volunteers meeting in NYC the weekend of November 12 and 13, or before or after the meeting on Thursday.
Not only do I want to meet them, I am looking for a well organized, detail oriented person to assist William in organizing and managing our volunteers to promote the 9/11 issue.
I have given over 80% of my net worth. My money is running out. We need to raise money.
This will be a paid job, but do not come looking for top wages because this job is for a patriot, not money grubbers who do not really support the cause like Michael Thurber, Simon Aronowitz, Nick Levits, Bryan Sacks, Mike (I have forgotten his last name), who gouged us and delivered poor quality and/or outright sabotage. They did not hurt me. They hurt our countries, the world, and I consider them traitors as well as thieves. It was Nick Levits, Bryan Sacks, and their videographer Mike who caused me to drop support for the New York 9/11 truth movement. They and Kyle Hence ...hencesoros.html whose is praised by (which caused me stop supporting them), are obviously working for Mossad, NSA, CIA, and/or other enemies of mankind. These are not differences of opinion, but outright subterfuge and sabotage such as Hence's promoting that there was a initial 75 foot hole at the Pentagon and ignoring that explosives were used at the WTC in all buildings. These traitors and their cohorts will attack you. Be prepared for your "friends" to attack you over issues they feel strongly about. We must accept rational criticism and difference of opinion, even the attacks. We do promote the work of others on what we agree on, even if they disagree with us. We will even support sound theories from those that attack us while admonishing them for their attacks. We ignore exaggerated and outlandish criticism such as that from Aronowitz, Levits, Hence, and Thurber for being "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." We do not condemn those that want and need to make money out of the movement. We only condemn money grubbing and gouging, censorship, lies, and needless or unfounded attacks on people within the movement. The other side will attack us regardless. No one is perfect. There is not enough time to pursue the real terrorists. Attacking real supporters who just disagree distracts us and works for the real terrorists. The above people that I have exposed are overtly trying to sabotage the movement. These people must be exposed. Others, however, just disagree. Recently, Lisa Pease, a lady I respect greatly, attacked Eric Hufschmid for supporting the non-suicide theory on Gary Webb saying it was obvious that he did commit suicide. I and Eric strongly disagree. I fault her only in that she went on to say how Eric, and myself by implication since I support Eric, were harmful to the movement. She is definitely wrong on that. Both of us have contributed greatly to the movement. Any mistakes we have made are honest ones, not intentional like Kyle Hence's. Lisa has done much to help the movement and I hardily support her, but not in this attack on Eric. I do not support vonKleist's pod theory since it is a meaningless diversion. The real question is what caused the incendiary flash as each plane hits. Here again, Hence and Mike what's-his-name try to distract from the obvious real issue by focusing on a non-issue. When confronted about the flash, they come up with accusations of forgery about the flash. If it is forged, CNN, the other news services, and the Naudet brothers did it, not vonKleist. The flash is in the original footage. it is obviously not static electricity and not friction. There lead was followed by the traitor Ben Chertoff after the CIA takeover of Propaganda Mechanics where he claims to cover all the claims, focuses on the pod, and never mentions the flash. If they are all telling the same lies, they must be working together.
As for some wanting to make some money while supporting the cause, go for it. Just be fair and equitable. If you are trying to get rich, work for the Repuglicans. I do not even object to people selling my free DVD for a small amount if they take them to events. To sell them online is wrong and money grubbing. Still, I will not attack or sue them since they are getting the word out - which is the only point!
The person must be able to take heavy criticism and outlandish accusations from all quarters, and be able to work with people with whom he or she does not entirely agree, including myself at times. I have Tourette's syndrome. That means that when I get angry, I shout and cuss quite a bit. It is wrong to do so, I always apologize for getting angry, but I have an incurable disease. It is not severe. I never blow up or curse at people that do as they promise, or at least try, and treat me with respect. I always give respect to other people's ideas and right to disagree no matter how high or low a position they may hold. It is I who makes myself angry since I believe irrationally it is "horrible" that people consciously try to sabotage or try to deceive me for their own goals.
If you are planning on changing me, forget it. If you are planning to get me to support some other cause, forget it. If you are planning on a free and luxurious ride, forget it. He or she must put in many, many hours. This will be a salary job, not an hourly wage. Don't complain about the hours, brag about them. I put in 100 hours per week on a slow week. I think about it all the time. I have committed my entire fortune to the cause. Compensation will be determined by need, the best for the least getting the job. My own lifestyle has changed drastically due to my greatly reduced wealth and the necessity of maintaining the prize money for the contest. Just because I am offering my last million as a prize does not mean we have an unlimited budget. In fact, it demands that we economize.
He or she must realize that volunteers require huge amounts of follow-up and encouragement. That volunteers will not do everything or even most of what they promise unless you constantly follow-up and encourage them, not scold. Patience, tolerance, and follow through are required.
I support the existence of Israel, but like our troops and America, I attack the war criminals, liars, and torturers within as the only real support that insures both our countries continued existence. SOME Israelis and Jews who are criminals and traitors will be verbally attacked, most certainly the Terrorist Likud party and the War Criminals such as Sharon and Netanyahu. I oppose Greater Israel. Greater_Israel I oppose all religious sects that claim non-believers are going to hell or are inferior - that means many, many people of all religions except Buddhism and Hinduism which make no such claims. I am a Christian-Buddhist but I do not believe in Revelations, killing my son to prove my love for god, intelligent design or other superstitions.Matthew 5 sums up my Christian beliefs.
I have gone into this long defense of myself and job offer so that whomever gets the job knows the past and the current conditions. All of us, will be attacked by the other side and the traitors within.
jimmy Walter

Dear Jon Gold, Which of the

Dear Jon Gold,
Which of the 2(mabey more?) do you want me to mention. :-)
Besides most every time i send out an email to the 3000+ contacks (30%
Bush supporters LOL) there is always links to your site.