Breaking News: Reopen 911 Commercial on CNN

At least thats what these people are talking about here:

Lets hope its true, stay tuned...

they've been running for a

they've been running for a few weeks in NY from my understanding..

Really? On CNN too? Maybe

Really? On CNN too? Maybe this isn't such big news...

it is worth mentioning..

it is worth mentioning..

here is an article mocking his recent ads:

it is worth

it is worth mentioning..

here is an article mocking his recent ads: world...2421549267.html

I don't think it was...;)

I don't know, Jimmy Walters

I don't know, Jimmy Walters might be just a little misguided. He includes anything and everything on his DVD, exactly what one poster said today that us truthers should be doing, and let people make up their own minds.

He probably should concentrate on only one or two specifics of the attacks, instead of attacking everything, he might be much more effective like DRG and Steven Jones have been.

I used to follow the fringe theories too until someone straightened me out, maybe he just needs to be encouraged to focus a bit.

somebigguy, I can relate --

somebigguy, I can relate -- I watched "In Plane Site" and other videos that I now think are questionable. I guess I tend to think that these other theories (pod theory, for example) can obfuscate the bigger questions and turn some people away from 9/11 truth. The disinfo out there (like the hologram theories) really seem designed to throw ALL other research into that black hole of tin-foil-hat'ism.

Jimmy Walter seems sincere enough -- I don't think he's a disinfo agent -- but, unfortunately, by including some dubious sources in his videos and tours, I think he's less effective than David Ray Griffin or Michael Ruppert or Paul Thompson or Nafeez Ahmed.

I tend to pay little attention to Walters now -- I really prefer those listed above. Still, he's spending a lot of money on exposing 9/11 truth and probably opening doors to people who might not have been exposed to it otherwise. If these new truthseekers spend some time doing their own reading, I do think they'll become more discriminating. I mean, my first introduction was "In Plane Site" even though I now don't recommend it to people.

I like Jimmy Walters, and

I like Jimmy Walters, and really appreciate him. He is a real patriot. However his web site is still carrying the phony-baloney figure of 8.4 seconds as the time it took to "break apart the steel structure". They had previously implied that this was the collapse time of the bulk of the building.

Hufschmid is incorrect. Hoffman is correct. The collapse was more in the 12 - 16 second range.

I wish they'd correct their site. I told them in no uncertain terms over 2 weeks ago that it was wrong.

Even at 15 seconds it is

Even at 15 seconds it is still way to fast for the official pancake collapse. I just hope this error by Hufshmid is not somehow exploited and eventually counterproductive to the movement.