Ex-MI5 Officers Discuss Probability of 9/11 Being an Inside Job on BBC

Thanks to Partridge for discovering this and Jon Gold for hosting it. Fast forward about 19 minutes to get to the good stuff:


Annie Machon, Former MI5 Officer:

The neocons have something called the Project for the New American Century in which in the year 2000 they laid out their arguments saying they wanted to go in and asset strip the middle east of oil and other resources but they didn't think they would be able to wage war without something like a new Pearl Harbor to generate the sort of outrage amongst the American public to allow them to go ahead and do that. So that might well be one view, I'm not necessarily the official government, but perhaps rogue elements within the government within the Republican party within the intelligence service banded together and did that.

David Shayler, Former MI5 Officer:

I'd say if you look at the evidence that is available at the moment, weight that up on the balance of probabilities, you would be obliged to come to the conclusion that there were elements of the American military, FBI, CIA, State Department, so on who were not loyal to the constitution and who were loyal to other people behind the scenes.

Was this only broadcast on

Was this only broadcast on Newsnight Scotland and not the English version?


Aye, Scotland only.

Aye, Scotland only.

Tim Osman. cute name.

Tim Osman. cute name. hahahahaha.(yes, i know its bin ladens code name from the CIA)