March for Truth N.Y.C. 2006

Please contact Greg Nixon at to let him know if you will be intending or if you have any questions/suggestions.

When: February 20th 2006
Where: "Ground Zero" New York City 10:00am

On February 20th 2006, 9/11 Truth activists will convene at "Ground Zero" former site of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan New York City to march against the U.S. Government's mass murder of 2,749 Americans on September 11th 2001.

Since our Government is a totally illegitimate criminal enterprise for perpetrating these attacks, we have chosen President's Day as an appropriate occasion to march to restore the rule of law and order to our Republic. We demand an international independent tribunal akin to the Nuremburg Trials to seek justice for the crimes committed on 9/11 2001 and for all crimes committed against humanity in its wake.

  • Protesters will proceed to march to Attorney General Elliot Spitzer's office with a letter demanding his resignation for his failure to investigate this crime committed in his jurisdiction despite overwhelming evidence.
  • We will then confront the media organizations The Nation Magazine, The New York Times, and A.N.S.W.E.R as symbolic targets of de facto complicity with their silence and neglect of journalistic duties in the face of the greatest crime of the 21st century on American soil – This despite an abundance of specific credible evidence for the Government's role as the source of the attacks.
  • The rally will conclude at the Office of Former N.Y.C. Mayor Giuliani in Times Square, where we will seek to make a citizens arrest for his role in the attacks at The World Trade Center and criminal complicity in removing evidence from a crime scene. Civil disobedience will then be encouraged by protesters in an effort to

Call on fellow Americans to speak out against the colossal crimes being committed in the name of a fraudulent `War on Terror" and to demand the U.S. Government be arrested for treason and mass murder.

We ask for all to come and march to uphold the moral principle that all human life deserves to live free from the tyranny of a rogue government, a government which committed mass murder on its very citizens for political expedience and financial enrichment. The weaponry in the hands of the forces of evil occupying our government has the capability of ending all life on this planet. It is therefore of the utmost imperative that this be dealt with over all other political concerns.

Please spread the word to any and all to come to Ground Zero on February 20th and make their voice heard that this frame-up on humanity in the name of `The War on Terror" Ends now.

I'll be there!

I'll be there!

I disagree with the arrest

I disagree with the arrest of the US government. My government did not kill any of it's own people. The murders that have positioned themselves in powerful positions within my government must be removed from power and tried for thier roles in the crimes of 9-11 as well as the mounting war crimes since.

I agree 100 % with you guys

I agree 100 % with you guys but, it's going to take a lot of americans to demand change. This government will turn into a fascist state before the american people do anything about it. They got what they wanted after 9-11 and that was to install the Patriot Act to strip Americans of their civil rights. It was never designed to stop terrorist. Why would it when 911 was a inside job by are government. Bush is just a puppet to a hidden cabal that really pull the strings in this government. The truth is we live in a monarchy not a democracy. A 2 part system that is really one party to the elite by the elite.

The tone of this march even

The tone of this march even I feel is too extreme for most leftists/democrats, activists, political activists and ordinary people to join in. why not have a "Expose The 9/11 Coverup" march, demanding a march for unanswered questions? This march makes it seem like the whole government was in on 9/11, which not only will people find hard to simply is not true. If anything a small group of people was in on the sllowal or complicity or whatever. Again, they'll be lucky to get a couple hundred people, if that. And marching to a politicians office to demand a resignation is just lame IMHO.