Dave McMichael, retired spook, speaks out about 9-11

BYU Brass Discredit Physics

BYU Brass Discredit Physics Professor for Saying WTC Brought Down by Controlled Demolition
Professor Steven E. Jones only was in the public eye for five days before BYU told him to stop giving interviews. Now the university has issued a public statement distancing itself from Jones and even discrediting his work. Critics suggest Bush administration had its dirty hand in forcing BYU to 'shut up' its professor.


That's BULLSHIT Man!!!!

That's BULLSHIT Man!!!!

The statement itself says,

The statement itself says, "The University is aware that Professor Steven Jones's hypotheses and interpretations of evidence regarding the collapse of World Trade Center buildings are being questioned by a number of scholars and practitioners, including many of BYU's own faculty members." which means that there are people who agree with him at his school. I don't know if Bush had anything to do with this...

I don't know what his source is on this, "Critics quickly pointed out that Jones must have been ‘silenced quickly’ after the Bush administration pressured BYU to end any further embarrassment while, at the same time, reminding officials about the numerous government grants swinging in the balance."... I need sources.

No big surprise, you know

No big surprise, you know they're gonna discredit this guy to try to prevent anyone else from coming forward. We need someone else to come forward, and fast, before they have time to discredit professor Jones completely.

This post is about David

This post is about David McMichael. Why are the comments elsewhere?

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yeah bitches, this thread

yeah bitches, this thread isnt about jones! the one above now is though :)

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I'm listening to the second

I'm listening to the second hour now, nothing much here, they're talking about how the youth don't care and won't until the draft is instituted.

He also discussed zionism and the fact that people will not that "1000 pound elephant in the room".

He just flipped out because nobody is talking about the truth and nobody is holding the government accountable.