9/11 Truth on Air America

Here is something Maddog sent in, I'm listening to it now, pretty good so far:

I listen to the Mike Malloy Show on Air America every night. This week Mike is on vacation and his fill-in is a man named Peter Wrebe. Last night Peter discussed 9/11 truth. I found it to be quite interesting.

Check it out here: http://www.whiterosesociety.org/content/malloy/MalloyShow-(29-11-2005).mp3

The call-ins were great! 9/11 truth activists! We are finally getting major media attention. The guy (Jesse) from tvnewslies.org called in. You got to listen to it.

Also, here is an archive of the hour long interview of Professor Stephen E. Jones by Greg Szymanski on rbn network. Thanks to sber for sending this in:


Interesting interview(s).

Interesting interview(s). The caller questions are the best part of the show. The fill-in host, has a spine the consistency of a wet-noodle.

He just can't commit to admitting anything other than the LIHOP theory. He claims he's seen all the info, but that rings hollow.

It also seems he tries a little too hard to make sure he mentions the ultra-fringe holograms and missile pods theories - apols to MP peeps.

Awesome, about 2/3 of the

Awesome, about 2/3 of the way through, a female caller (Stacey from Newport Beach, California) mentioned that she was at the base of the 2nd tower when the second plane hit and she says in no uncertain terms that there were bombs going off that day.

They were "timed perfectly going down the building".

She also mentioned how Norad should have responded and did not.

Then the host got her off the phone as quick as possible. I agree, this host is a bit of a putz.

Let me ask you something, if

Let me ask you something, if you had someone on the phone mentioning they saw body parts falling to the ground that day and saw bombs going off, would you hang up on her???

Kind of schizophrenic

Kind of schizophrenic attitude prevelent on that show...the filler host says at the top of hour 2
"They let it occur" and "The only person in america who benefited from sept 11th is george w bush and his administration" yet falls into left gatekeeper mode by saying 9/11 was a gross intelligence failure. Then other moments he says he's willing to be open to the possibility of an inside job. It's great even the mere subject of 9/11 being a coverup is being talked about on Air America, but it seems like to even consider lihop is a bit too much. Now if only Air america and other well known liberal radio shows had 9/11 truth topics.

Perhaps it will be easier to

Perhaps it will be easier to bring this up now that Bush's support is crumbling?

Let's hope that it will happen atleast.

Hey, this blogger post

Hey, this blogger post showed up on TVNewsLies!!


I admit Wrebe is a bit lame,

I admit Wrebe is a bit lame, nothing at all like Malloy who is MIHOP and makes no bones about it but at least Wrebe let us have at it. Some of the calls were really good and the truth about 9/11 is finally getting out there. Stacey's comments were especially good. So were Jesses from tvnewslies.org. We just got to keep plugging away. If we do we will win this thing. We have come a long way and I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

does Malloy talk about 9/11

does Malloy talk about 9/11 truth a lot? and how in depth has he gotten? does he really subscribe to the MIHOP theory?

Download this show, Thursday

Download this show, Thursday February 10, 2005 from http://www.whiterosesociety.org/Malloy.html
During the show he makes a case for LIHOP if, as he states, you don't want to go as far he does and admit The Bush Crime Family was "complicit" in the 9/11 attacks.(MIHOP) It's a great show with some great call-ins. Check it out.

i wish i could man. the

i wish i could man. the audio on my computer is ruined.