9/11 - What Did The Government Know and When Did It Know It?


The task was simple, deny the evidence, cover-up the embarrassing arrest of two Israelis with an explosives-tainted truck, and give the media a reason to return to the mantra of "all terror is caused by Muslims". But what started as a simply attempt to spin the news away from the Israelis arrested in Washington State has backfired on the Bush administration in a big way. In conducting the classic "limited hangout" of admitting to foreknowledge of the attacks of 9-11 in order to reassert the link to Osama bin Laden, Bush has handed opponents of his administration and opponents of World War the most damning proof yet that the reality of 9-11 is not what the US Government and media have been telling the American people it is.

The arrested Israelis posed a problem. History records in the Lavon Affair that Israelis willingly use bombs and lay false trails to Arabs for political gain. And it wasn't too long ago that JDL Chairman Irv Rubin was arrested for plotting to blow up a US Congressman who refused to toe the Israel party line. Then there were the two Mossad agents arrested inside the Mexican Congress with guns and explosives shortly after 9-11. As the battered World Trade Towers collapsed, the very first suspects arrested, caught cheering as the towers fell, were Israelis, later identified as Mossad agents. The arrested spies worked for Urban Moving Systems, whose Israeli owner promptly fled the nation.
Still other espionage suspects posed as art students trying to get into federal buildings, while others held cover jobs in mall kiosks selling "Zoom Copters", kiosks that sat empty when their entire staffs were thrown into jail on suspicion of espionage. All told, the Israeli spy ring, which had been partly uncovered prior to 9-11, was the largest spy ring ever uncovered in the United States.
In California, the ADL was also convicted of running a massive spy operation on American citizens.
Taken together, there is probable cause to investigate just what connection the Israeli spying operation had with 9-11. Such an investigation should have happened, but instead, something very odd took place in the investigation! According to a government official quoted in Carl Cameron's story on the spy ring, the US Government classified the evidence that links the arrested Israeli spies to 9-11. Rather than treat the arrested spies as Jonathan Pollard had been treated, the US Government hurried to get the arrested Israelis out of the country as quickly as possible, in one case releasing and deporting one Israeli even though he failed his polygraph examination

Pretty damning stuff about

Pretty damning stuff about the Israeli spy ring. I'd only heard hints of this before.

It seems Israel hides behind a curtain by blaming and shaming anyone critical of them or their country or their corrupt politicians as "anti-semitic."

So I expect the author at WhatReallyHappened will be getting some "blowback" -- hopefully only in a metaphorical sense (as already evidenced by the article triggering a hacker attack on two sites where it appeared).

Israelis are not important

Israelis are not important in this.

sure, they knew, but so did others,
like the larry silverstein's, and
the put-option speculators.

For me it stays a fact that the
Nothing happens without them,
they got THAT MUCH clout.

Henry Shelton is your man, he knew,
he approved, and Myers may have had
to deal with it.

in the end, its best if no one of
these bureaucrat-desk-killers has
anything to do with "it" ...
but they are all guilty and face the
firing squad... and they know it.

its up to you researchers to get
them face the nozzles.

but I doubt that you can.

Mike Rivero of WRH has been

Mike Rivero of WRH has been harping on the policies of the state of Israel forever, esp their wholesale ownership (AIPAC) of US Congressperps. See the Israel archive:
In the stories he points to which aren't explicitly critical of Israel, he makes up for it with a quip/commentary on the WRH homepage. WRH is a nice counterbalance to the MSM which is also owned by Zionist interests, and thus all criticism of Israel is supressed. I'm glad WRH is so popular-- it's a must-visit daily stop for news junkees. I expect WRH has had plenty of (Zionist) "terrorist attacks" over the years.

Yesterday, there was an attack on GCN (home of Alex Jones and Daryll Smith iamthewitness.com) servers such that you couldn't hear their shows live. Smith's are archived MP3 at his site. His webmaster is Eric Hufschmid. They also "tell it like it is" wrt Israel/Zionism.

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"