Action Alert: Congress is on the brink of exposing 9/11--call your reps NOW!

Follow the link for letter writing ideas, the complete list of senators that have signed the letter, and Donald Rumsfelds mailing address. Thanks to Dennis for the heads up:

245 Senators and Reps have signed Curt Weldon's letter demanding that Able Danger whistleblowers testify before Congress. Able Danger, you may remember, was the military intelligence project that identified as terrorists, and tracked, Mohammad Atta & Co. in 2000, but was quickly gagged. Able Danger officers were told to forget they'd ever heard of Atta; and when whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer went public this year, he was harassed and had his clearance revoked.

Key congresspeople are pleading with you to write them and give them the groundswell of support they need to investigate Able Danger. See below for details.

And don't forget to call in to National Public Radio tomorrow! Soft-pedal your topic to get past the screeners...then play hardball when you're live on the air.
Monday, December 5th, 1:00 PM Midwest Time - - - Talk of the Nation (check your local NPR station schedule for exact time)
When the Nine-Eleven Commission officially ended, its members decided there was more work to do. They stayed together for one more year to see what happened to their recommendations to keep America safe. After one, on Talk of the Nation, Nine-Eleven Commission Co-Chairs Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton share their final report card with Neal Conan.

From Jim at Colorado 9/11 Truth:

There are currently 245 signatures on this letter balanced between Republicans and Democrats, including senior leadership. Urge your representative, if he/she hasn't, to sign this letter TODAY!
See signatures below.

I Talked to Spectors staffer on the Judicial Committee and asked him for some advice as to moving this forward. He suggested to have people call their Senators and urge them to start a similar letter to Rumsfeld. your Senators, write, fax, email and ask them to get this hearing going and start a Senate letter! All testimony in the House or Senate is basically assumed under oath. And Rummy knows it.

Call the Pentagon and leave a message with Donny boy.....Remember, you pay his salary!!!! He craps sitting down too. He puts his pants on one leg at a time.... You own him!!!! Tell him to let Schaffer and Philpott and Smith and Preisser testify. The time is now to be BOLD! As bold and brazen as they were for taking us into endless war and endless spending! As bold and brazen as they were for shutting down Sibel Edmonds! For murdering 2100 soldiers. For murdering over 100,000 Iraqi civilians. And as all the evidence is showing us, complicit in 9-11.

FYI... Israel has threatened

FYI... Israel has threatened Iran, and Iran has threatened a counter-strike... this is NOT good... and part of the reason we're there. To support and protect Israel.

Able danger is part of the

Able danger is part of the cover up no way will I call and push their story line to help cover the lies in more smoke!

runnaround, I tend to agree


I tend to agree with you... I look at Able danger as a way to "re-investigate" without ever re-evaluating what took place that day.

The majority of Americans buy the "incompetence" explanation, and that's all Able Danger appears to support.

Curious, what do you think of Sibel Edmonds? Do you believe her story, or is it more smoke? I would love to have her ungagged so I can hear her story, but I'm skeptical that it's not much of a smoking gun. If I had evidence that my country had been taken over by a bunch of fascist murderers I would gladly put my life on the line and go to prison in order to bring the truth to light.


I agree that Able Danger is

I agree that Able Danger is a part of the cover-up, it is a smoke screen.
Forget Able Danger.... any line of argument that concentrates on the 19 Arab (supposed) Hijackers is part of the coverup because they are just PATSIES.

I have mixed feelings about Sibel Edmonds. Clearly there are moles inside the FBI as she claims... but there is alot of smoke comming from her, and not much light.

I agree. Able Danger

I agree. Able Danger (catchy name!) is disinfo, designed to reinforce the core lie of 9/11, specifically: that we can blame 9/11 on hijackers/Atta.