911 Truth on Public Radio

Thanks to Carol for this:

Were you just listening to Mike Malloy tonight? Someone called in and asked about 9/11.
Mike Malloy agreed that 9/11 is an inside job engineered by the Bush Crime Family. An act of treason committed by the Bush Crime Family. The whole idea is Operation Northwoods which President Kennedy rejected and look what happened to him. After those ' rat bastards ' stole the election, then they figured ' lets commit murder & mayhem.'
As far as the truth coming out------you should live so long.

(About two thirds through)

Thanks to Maddog for this:

I live in Boxer's district and have been e-mailing her for the truth about 9/11. Could be she has been listening. Check it out and see what you think.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2008, has gone on the record for 9/11 truth, voicing her lack of confidence in the 9/11 Commission Report and stating that we need to pursue the truth of 9/11 wherever it leads.

The conversation was broadcast on the Wisconsin Public Radio program "Conversations with Kathleen Dunn" and may be heard at:

(About two thirds through)

The exchange occurred shortly after Boxer stated that her unhappiness with the 9/11 attacks and the Bush Administration in general had convinced her not to retire as planned, but to stay in the senate and fight. She then declared that the American people have lost confidence in their government, and that this confidence must be somehow restored.

Email: http://boxer.senate.gov/contact/webform.cfm
Phone or snailmail: http://boxer.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm

Thanks to The Professional for this:

Check out Darryl Smith's second hour tonight with Michael Collins Piper regarding Israel and 9/11.

Thanks Maddog. I live in

Thanks Maddog. I live in Boxer's district also. That is very encouraging. I have e-mailed her also about 9/11. On the other hand, I have lost all confidence in Diane Feinstein. I have written her about the Patriot Act (and 9/11), and she seems to be in full support of it. I cannot vote for her again. I have informed her that a new 9/11 investigation would surely find the Bush Administration to have been complicit, and that impeachment and repeal of the Patriot Act would naturally follow. As well as a way out of this illegal war. 9/11 is the key.

I used to live in Barbs'

I used to live in Barbs' district too.

You GO girl!!!

I too voted for Feinstein, as mayor and Senator. She sucks now, though. Really sucks.

Barbara is the presidential candidate of REAL democrats, not Hillary being shoved down our throats.

Feinstein is a jerk. She was

Feinstein is a jerk. She was a lousy Mayor and is a lousy Senator. On the other hand Boxer is one of us. If she runs for president she has my vote.