9/11 Truth Conference Opens inTampa to Crowd of 600


Mainstream Media Again Ignores Event as Censorship Spreads Across Land Like Existed In Nazi Germany

Jimmy Walter, the millionaire philanthropist pushing the 9/11 truth movement to the streets, said Wednesday the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, Florida, at “the last minute” backed out of its pre-arranged deal to host a video presentation set for Sunday, the last day of a five-day 9/11 truth conference starting in Tampa.
“I found out another group is staging a play on the same day so it looks to me like it’s another case of outright censorship. We are going to look into the matter thoroughly to find out what really happened, but still will holding our Sunday video presentation at the Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach.”
Walter’s truth conference, presenting compelling evidence 9/11 was an inside government job, opened to a crowd of more than 500 to 600 Wednesday night in a theatre that seats 1,400, a good turn-out considering the mainstream media blackout across the country and the disinformation campaign spread by the Bush administration, essentially keeping the American people in the dark about the real 9/11 facts.

And the media was again strangely absent from the opening night 9/11 event, as several in attendance reported no major newspapers or television stations covered the event.
Besides Hufschmid, Walter assembled a group of speakers who at times held the audience spellbound, leading some to tears, especially when WTC janitor and national hero, William Rodriguez, spoke about how he heard explosions in the North Tower basement prior to the airplane strike.

Rodriguez, who saved at least 15 lives before being the last man out of the North Tower, reminded the audience how his statements about WTC basement explosions “have been censored by the mainstream media” as well as being completely omitted in the 9/11 Commission’s final report.

We are the mainstream media

We are the mainstream media now. The TV news channels are advertising to a much older group of citizens who don't want to hear bad things. They want stories about yellow ribbons around trees.

Gorilla marketing

"We are the mainstream media

"We are the mainstream media now."

That's entirely correct. They will have to things of ways to increase their trustworthiness or else they're out.

This reminds me:

Can we get an article on wikinews.org? It's supposed to be open to anyone?!

I'm helping out in miami

I'm helping out in miami tommorrow

but heres an article for Pockybot the (disinformation person)

Commercial Pilot and Aeronautical Engineer Explains Why Official 9/11 Story About Pentagon Is Bogus
Nila Sagadevan sets the record straight about Pentagon crash while 9/11 fringe movement meets Dec. 7 in Tampa for beginning of five-day rally.
6 Dec 2005

By Greg Szymanski

ItÂ’s impossible to fit a square peg in a round hole. ItÂ’s equally as impossible to fit a large 757 airliner through a small hole like left in the Pentagon wall after 9/11.

And this is just one of the many examples that the official 9/11 story makes no sense. In fact, it makes about as much sense as trying to keep jamming that square peg into that proverbial round hole.

However, while the feds fiddle with pegs that donÂ’t fit, the 9/11 debate rages on across the country, mainly among the fringe truth movement groups whose numbers are small.

And this is precisely where politicians want the debate to remain, away from the publicÂ’s ear, since so far they have been dealt a winning 9/11 hand, knowing any serious measure to bring justice has been effectively cut-off.

So this week the fringe 9/11 movement takes its “forces and soldiers of truth” to Tampa and Miami, Florida, staging a five day assembly starting Dec 7 with the intent to spark a larger public debate and bring the “enemy within” to justice.

Millionaire Jimmy Walter is footing the bill and hosting the event with speakers to include Dave von Kleist, Joyce Riley, Morgan Reynolds, Eric Hufschmid, William Rodriguez and others. There is an $11 entry fee and it will be interesting to see the turn-out, including the media coverage which in the past has been sporadic at best for 9/11 truth events.

Although the speakers bring to the table interesting facts discounting the official story, Rodriguez will be the most compelling, telling his tale of hearing explosions in the basement prior to the airplane hitting the North Tower.

But one person in attendance not on the speakerÂ’s list is commercial pilot and aeronautical engineer, Nila Sagedevan. And the reason he should be speaking, at least about the Pentagon crash, is because once he gives his technical rendition of why the government story is bogus, itÂ’s like someone finally held up, for the whole world to see, the round peg fitting perfectly into the round hole.

In the past, many pilots and other experts have tried to communicate the impossibility of the flight pattern taken by an inexperienced Arab terrorist in the cockpit, but none have done a better job than Sagedevan, telling the story from an expertÂ’s pint of view but communicating so the layman has no trouble understanding.

Recently, Sagadevan spent two hours on Greg SzymanskiÂ’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, on the Republic Broadcast Network at www.rbnlive.com, leaving the audience nodding their heads in agreement that the Pentagon crash couldnÂ’t have happened the way the government contends.

“Let’s look at it plain and simple,” said Sagadevan in an extended telephone conference this week from his home near San Diego. “The government wants us to believe that a person who couldn’t even solo a small Cessna took over the controls of a Boeing 757 jetliner and performed complicated maneuvers even myself or other experienced pilots could have never performed.

“It’s just not going to happen and, from my point of view, is impossible. If this was fabricated by the government so was the rest of the 9/11 story.”

But staying on point, Sagadevan wanted to further illustrate the absurdity of a small, inexperienced 5’8” Arab terrorist, taking over the controls of the jetliner from a burly, well-trained former military pilot.

“You mean to tell me, the supposed terrorist overpowered the pilot, who weighed more than 185 lbs and trained in the military. And then after that overpowered the co-pilot in the same manner, a person who also weighed upwards of 185 lbs,” said Sagadevan, emphasizing experts aren’t needed to explain the absurdity of this portion of the government story.

“I am not sure if anyone has been in the cockpit of one of one of these big jets, but I will tell you there isn’t much space. How in the world would one man pull out two big pilots in cramped quarters while, at the same time, maintaining control of the airliner. Again, it’s just not going to happen.

“In the beginning right after 9/11, like most people, I believed most of what I heard about 9/11, not really giving much thought to a government conspiracy. However, about a year ago when I began gathering information related to my expertise as an aeronautical engineer and pilot, I began to see clearly how the government story regarding the four flights, their paths and their pilots didn’t make sense.

“Now I am firmly convinced after looking at an enormous amount of evidence, as well as using well-establishing aviation principles, that something else crashed into the Pentagon since it couldn’t have been a commercial jetliner.”

Besides calling attention to the impossibility of a untrained pilot performing complex flight maneuvers and navigation, Sagadevan said the flight path taken near the Pentagon was also impossible for a large jetliner to perform without crashing before reaching the Pentagon.

“First of all, the supposed pilot would have been overwhelmed just looking at the complexity of the cockpit controls,” said Sagadevan. “He would have had no idea what to do, but we are led to believe that he was able to turn the jet around, head back to Washington D.C. and then bank at high speeds and at a low altitude, hitting a target which would have looked as small as thimble from the air. Again, it’s impossible and you don’t really need an expert to make this final determination.”

Sagadevan was quick to point out one of the main problems with the government story is the low trajectory of the airplane, flying at high speeds and roughly only 20 feet off the ground for a long distance, another impossibility defying the standard principles of aviation.

“The evidence indicates that the airplane was flying low before it reached the Pentagon lawn since several light poles were sheared off several hundred yards away form the building,” explained Sagadevan. “With that in mind, the plane was traveling at about 400 knots at about 20 feet off the ground for a long distance prior to hitting the Pentagon.

“This in itself is an impossibility since the airplane would have been kept from hitting the ground by a cushion of air termed 'ground effect.' No pilot in the world would have been able to control the plane while maintained that air speed at 20 feet off the ground for that long a distance. Again, it’s just impossible but here I will admit that an expert is needed in order to explain the standards of lift and drag associated with flying a large airliner.

From the beginning of the supposed hijacking of Flight 77 and to its eventual crash into the Pentagon wall, Sagadevan presents a compelling case, essentially crushing the official story. He also mentioned the what's also overlooked is the 'jet wash' from the airplane would have caused tremendous ground damage on the approach, something not evident in the aftermath of the Pentagon crash.

“I really don’t understand how anyone could give the government’s story any credibility after seeing the original pictures taken of the small hole left in the Pentagon wall by whatever flew into it,” said Sagadevan. “I am not totally sure what the military used but one thing for sure, it wasn’t a 757 jetliner.”

Sagadevan is referring to the tiny circumference of the hole left in the Pentagon wall, illustrated on pictures taken right after the crash scene, but immediately taken out of circulation and never widely distributed by the news media to the American people.

“I think if someone just looks at the hole left and then looks at the size of 757, experts aren’t needed to determine it was an impossibility that a big jet hit the Pentagon wall, especially when there was very little wreckage visible after the crash,” added Sagadevan.

Regarding the Pentagon crash, as Sagadevan aptly points out, there are “so many holes in the story” that it becomes, as the English say, rather a laughing matter, making one believe even the bungling Inspector Clouseau, made famous by Peter Sellers, could crack the case wide open if given half a chance.

But the problem is Inspector Clouseau, Sagadevan and every other independent investigator havenÂ’t been given the chance, leaving the case to be investigated and tried in the court of public opinion, a place where politicians like it and know they are safe from prosecution.

If I were Walter, I'd pass

If I were Walter, I'd pass out flyers POINTING OUT that there's a media blackout on his 911 events, and I'd challenge the reader to come to the 911 event to find out WHY.

The government, through their various lies and contortions, apparently believes that "If you can't make Mohammed (Atta) come to the WTC Conspiracy, then make the Conspiracy come to him"

The 911 Truth movement would do well to practice "judo", where applicable, even if it means also going about things in a "contorted" (out of the box) way....

$50,000,000.00 Reward For

Sorcha Faal is not credible.

Sorcha Faal is not credible. I posted it because it makes for interesting conversation... but I've also posted that I don't know how credible the offer is.

I would like it very much if

I would like it very much if everyone watched this.


here's an article from

here's an article from rense.com regarding the media and 911::
911-too hot to handle

where in the world is osama

where in the world is osama bin laden?

recent osama pics? or brilliant forgeries?


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seriously, mates.. do you

seriously, mates..

do you REALLY believe that there
is such a thing as MEDIA?

If you had read your DERRIDA you'd
know there is only DECONSTRUCTION.

also, if you had understood RUPPERT
you'd know that ANY EVENT can be
manipulated, bar one:

when you record someone SAYING SOMETHING ..

and play it back... in front of a
judge in a court room... the only

... you know what I mean. Don't
pick at my words themselves.
Enter into a discussion as to
can actually push.. into the
non-virtual world.

I suggest making sound-collages,
..like abreviate theflood of words
into nice bites... and comfortable
sounds.. repeating in a nice beat.

upload to RADIO4ALL.NET
(where you should find DERRIDA, 2)

It's called 9/11 Truth

It's called 9/11 Truth right? Then shouldn't that encompass all known, updated and revealed facts; even if it debunks certain theories? It's mind boggling to think there are people out there who don't think Islamic extremists didn't hijack those planes...are we too assume the airport security camera footage was rigged, and that the obviously Arabic hijackers speaking into the cockpit mic are fake...and wouldnt this completely go against the known theory that Atta was paid $100,000 by Pakistani's ISI and watched by the CIA?

Yes, it is very strange and unreasonable that the government has not released the pentagon survelience tapes. Why, I have no idea. But if Flight 77 didnt strike the Pentagon, then where did it go? And why is at least *some* form of aircraft seen on one of the 5 famous stills? Or the many eyewitnesses who saw some sort of plane? Or, Norman Mineta saying Cheney was monitoring the flight coming in on the Pentagon?

It reminds me a bit of the summer of 1996. The FBI and government were bent on muzzling the hundreds of eye witnesses who saw a missle strike TWA Flight 800. Here, it seems some in the movement want us to discredit all the eyewitnesses that saw a plane, and to believe a missle somehow impacted it.
We can all agree that a major coverup is going on, that ther are more than just "coincidences", and that the fall of WTC 1/2/7 is highly suspcious. But to say Islamic hijackers werent used at all and that it was a missle that impacted the Pentagon to me flies in the face of logic. I'm curious what folks make of the articles that seem to do a good job in proving Flight 77 did in fact slam into the Pentagon? Is there anyway we can rule out a missle?

TWA Flight 800 was brought

TWA Flight 800 was brought down by explosives, not a missile.read Peter Lances book Cover-Up for more info.

I'm curious what folks make

I'm curious what folks make of the articles that seem to do a good job in proving Flight 77 did in fact slam into the Pentagon? Is there anyway we can rule out a missle?
pockybot | Homepage | 12.08.05 - 8:47 pm | #
do me a favor, and link me to those articles that "prove" that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. thanks.

TWA Flight 800 was brought

TWA Flight 800 was brought down by explosives, not a missile.read Peter Lances book Cover-Up for more info.

AF Brigadier Gen. Benton K. Parton seems to suggest it was a missile that brought TWA800 down.

I don't have the source handy but he suggests it was a new missile type, some sort of radial cutter the expands out and slices planes up like a giant spinning weed wacker - to that effect. Proximity detonation device.

I'd go with his expert comments before the reporters.

Remember, initial reports

Remember, initial reports were that a helicopter was circling the Pentagon followed by a large explosion.

Why is that any less credible than the reports that a passenger plane hit the pentagon? Or a small commuter jet hit the Pentagon? Or that a truck bomb went off?

Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever know the truth, because even if the government does release the video, people will argue non-stop about the authenticity of the video.

I think we're screwed on this one. Controlled demo is where its at!!

CD can present the strongest

CD can present the strongest scientific case given the history of engineering and the physics behind the event.

Yes, CD is the provable

Yes, CD is the provable smoking gun!!!

@ pockybot: It may seem a

@ pockybot:

It may seem a little bit far fetched, but some researches have indeed a possible explanation:


It's maybe called: Scenario 12 d, OPNorthwood embedded

I'd go with his expert

I'd go with his expert comments before the reporters.
Anonymous | 12.08.05 - 9:21 pm | #
i did. read Cover-Up by Peter Lance.it was CLEARLY a Ramzi Yousef/al qaeda plot.im not saying a missile wasnt fired after the explosion.i dont know.but there were clearly explosives on 800.