9/11 2.0 - Independent Investigation of 9/11

Those that have done detailed analysis of the events of 9/11, have your say:


Because of numerous omissions and distortions in the 9-11 Commission Final Report (and the availability of new evidence) it is now considered imperative to conduct an entirely new, independent investigation of 9/11.

This new investigation -- conducted by an all-volunteer community of independent researchers collaborating over the Internet -- is being referred to as 9/11 2.0.

The 2.0 represents the 9/11 Truth Movement's push to cause a second (and very different) wave of understanding concerning 9/11 to engulf the public consciousness. Conversely, it also represents an ominous warning concerning the necessity of conducting a new investigation in order to avoid another 9/11.
To facilitate the process of bringing about full 9/11 disclosure, the collaborative website 911truthemergence.com has recently been established.

Its stated purpose is to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of user-contributed 9/11-related information, and in particular to focus on documenting (and speeding) the emergence of 9/11 truth into the mainstream media.

The website is powered by the same software that powers Wikipedia, which means that anybody can contribute.

Interested members of the 9/11 truth movement are asked to participate.

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Excellent! And "9/11 2.0" is

Excellent! And "9/11 2.0" is quite catchy.

Israel had specific

Israel had specific foreknowledge of the WTC attack. This is my unshakable conclusion based upon the evidence. Despite having this foreknowledge, Israel did not share it with the US. Admittedly, it is unknown for certain why Israel allowed over 3,000 people to die a cruel and horrible death, but it seems that the reason why Israel did not share this information was because they wanted to unite America with Israel in its anti-Arab stance. While others in their buildings went died horrible deaths, Jews in the WTC received �instant� warnings. This resulted in there being not one single Jew who was inside the WTC and who died. In fact, none even required a hospital visit.

while the 5 celebrating

while the 5 celebrating isrealies who recorded the first plane crash on 9/11 do deserve to be questioned about their actions, suggesting that 9/11 was all done by Israel is ignoring a ton more evidence which points to our own government.

the comments that no Jews died on 9/11 is also a false statement, while some workers of odigo were warned prior to the attack, no uniform warning was given to all Jews in the building, and such a statement is highly inflamitory, and incorrect. you can find listings of those Jewish people who died on 9/11 with a cursory search, and quite a number died that day.

whether or not israel intelligence had prior knowledge is one question (obviously many things show that they did), but they were in no way alone in that knowledge.

The notion that Israel was

The notion that Israel was behind 9/11, or that no Muslim extremists were behind 9/11 I believe are totally false. As much as I understand people's reason for total MIHOP, that doesnt explain Atta and the known Islamic hijackers; as well as the money men behind the 9/11 attacks. There's no doubt 9/11 was an early xmas present for Cheney and company...but when all is said and done at the end of the day, if perhaps LIHOP with MIHOP elements isn't a more provable deal. At least prominent politicians, intelligence people, etc at acknowlege some sort of coverup.

i had the epiphany recently

i had the epiphany recently that the mainstream media can't [at this point] report on 9/11 per se, but it can report on the _9/11 truth movement_. (in other words, you might see something about jimmy walter or steven jones on cnn, but you won't see any [meaningful] original reporting on who was actually behind 9/11.

anyway, i think "9/11 2.0" (i.e. a second wave of public understanding concerning 9/11) is a powerful meme that has the potential to get word about our movement out to a much larger audience.

The unknown men who played

The unknown men who played the roles of the so-called Arab terrorist hijackers were really recruited by either American and/or Israeli intelligence services in a scheme set up as a diversion to inflame dumb Westerners against the Islamic world. The purpose was to divert the world's attention from the Israeli genocide and dispossession of the Palestinians by blaming the attacks on Muslims.

Sounds good...but I'm a

Sounds good...but I'm a little skeptical. I just naturally fear a trap of sorts from a site which proposes to gather all intelligence and resources from all the researchers.

I wonder if having the new

I wonder if having the new site be a wikipedia action is such a good idea::
wikipedia inaccuracies

Bad idea. I posted

Bad idea.

I posted information pointing out Israeli involvement and the moderator deleted it!