Why does the world trade center no longer exist?

See the entire article that features quotes from David Ray Griffin and other doubters of the official story. Also, check out the comments at the end of this article, there are people actually having a rational discussion of 9/11. Strange but true. Thanks to The Professional for sending this in.


I wonder how many of the enemy out there will still call me a conspiracy nut. Probably all of them still. I get some satisfaction seeing growing support from time to time for what I've believed all along.

Why does the World Trade Center no longer exist? The "official story" is full of holes. A truly independent investigation is doubtful. The "investigators" that were appointed are wrapping it up and will disband on December 31, 2005. It's all out there to google and we should all be thankful for the internet. Pause and consider what the information about everything would be (was) like without it.

This must not go away until the QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. But I don't personally think they ever will be. They may be found out, but they'll never be disclosed by the neo-cons. The truth might assure long jail sentences for many of them.

Man, where have I been. I

Man, where have I been. I had no idea
about two 9/11 mysteries that I have not really seen covered on many 9/11 truth sites, nor on any documentary:

The fact beheaded victim Nick Berg had not only met one of the alleged al Qaeda 9/11 hijackers, but gave him his passwords:

Or the fact that the 9/11 flight tickets were purchased online; one of which from a Oklahoma University library computer(around the time BErg was also at the school) Very odd. I've read reports that said a white male had purchased the Flight 93 tickets for some of the hijackers. This seems like a major anomaly to me.

I've also researched a little more on Salem's evidence that the FBI allowed the WTC 93 bombing to go through. As I amused aloud, if the first WTC tragedy used explosives and was allowed to go forth from the government...what does that say about 9/11?

Sometimes it's good to

Thanks for linking us!

Thanks for linking us!

Nick Berg lived in the same

Nick Berg lived in the same hometown as me and went to the same highschool, so ive done a lot of research on him.his father is an anti war/bush/imperialism activist i see from time to time, and he seems to think the U.S. military was using him for something, he just doesnt know what.ive always tried to wrap my head around the fact that the so called 20th hijacker used his laptop.seems way too coincedental like so much about 9/11 and our government.

Berg.. is that the guy

Berg.. is that the guy supposed suicide in a hotel in georgia but from Florida or vice versa.....

Oh no. It is not Berg I am

Oh no. It is not Berg I am thinking of. Who is the guy I am thinking of anyone know? Was happily married man a reporter perhaps or maybe a prosecutor. Damn!

Nick Bergs beheading had

Nick Bergs beheading had some hints for a staged event.


Just the things I remember: The gun visible in the beheading was probably a Heckler & Koch MP-53, used by special forces.


The reader reads from left to right, but every arab language was read from right to left.

He uses the phrase yazbah, which was used in the koran only in a few circumstances, nearly ever in conjunction with animal slaughter, and the only times with conjunction of manslaughter to describe the cruelty of the egypt pharao against the jews in exile. What's the sense?

The person that should be phantom Al-Zarkawi wears a golden ring, that was verboten in muslim religion.

Berg himself wears the Abu Ghuraib and Git'Mo orange prisoner clothes.

It was reported that he was sentenced weeks prior to his beheading by US-forces.

What to hell he was doing in iraq?

And last but not least: What a furthermore bizarre conincidence, that the beheading was done just in time with the release of Abu Ghuraib photos and the growing scandal of torturing "enemy combattants".

@ runaround: The person who

@ runaround: The person who was murdered you probably mean: Lemme

The story:



who is zarqawi? but, more to

who is zarqawi?

but, more to the 911 point::
who is dov zakheim?

before good ol' Dov worked for the DoD he authored the PNAC paper calling for a 'New Pearl Harbor' - AND, he was head of a company called SysCorp, which makes remote control systems for airliners

I really enjoy the site and

I really enjoy the site and all the topics. I was never much for the computer and online research until that terrible day. I was there that day working on a roof two blocks away and then was asked to go Ground Zero and help with the rigging of many of the damaged buildings.
For over four years now, I found myself reading thousands of articles concerning 9/11. I "know" our government has lied and has failed us! On 67 times prior that year prior to 9/11, NORAD responded sucessfully to airspace violations within 15 to 20 minutes. Then on 9/11 our complete air defense system, suddenly fell asleep! Amazingly, everyone on the flight manafest is accounted for, except the terrorist. Were they invisible while they walked through the boarding gate?
Research all the flight manifest and check all the names, very interesting!
Our government lied and will never reveal the truth!



It's coming...

Don't mind me... I'm

Don't mind me... I'm creating a buzz...



They have proven they will

They have proven they will go to any length to attain their goals, even allow
thousands to die! To them it's only a number!
While in the aftermath at Ground Zero, what was considered the greatest investigative team in the world, had to sign a waiver for basic blueprints. The team never received a complete set of WTC blueprints til, Jan. 8, 2002!
Research Congressional Hearings and Senate Subcommittee hearing - World Trade Center Blueprints
It's all there and sadly most Americans just don't give a dam! For if they did, millions would demand the real truth. Even the victims families,
almost 98%, wavied their basic rights to sue the airlines. The "HUSH" money called the 911 Victims Compensation Fund held the carrots, average carrots per payout $1.8 MILLION! Combined with all payouts, insurance, charity, and Compensation Fund the average was $3.2 and almost $4 Million for firefighters! The truth never had a chance from the second that first plane crashed into the North Tower!
The lies are so numerous, that if it wasn't so tragic, this could be considered the greatest fairly tale ever told!
Amazing how the most powerful man in the world can read the story of the "Pet Goat" as his country is under attack! The official reason is pitful, "He didn't want to upset the children by leaving."
The scandal of his election was nothing compared to the lives lost on 9/11 and the young men and women who have died and will continue to died for so called weapons of mass destruction. There appears there was a weapon of mass destruction, but it wasn't in Iraq. If only the "Pet Goat"
could really talk!
There was once a time long long ago, that "OUR" flag flew in almost every square inch of this pround nation! How fast we have forgotten!



Fergotten? We're Americans! Fierce and proud, we go along to git along! Now see if you can hand me that remote without gettin up.

OK FRANK, The remote is

The remote is yours and I didn't even get up! We're definately fierce and proud. But there are times when you just can't go along. We can't git along if the house is built of lies! Neverthless,
your finger is on the channel changer, take it anywhere you want!

Thanks! Ok, lessee here

Thanks! Ok, lessee here (click)

Ground Zero in Los Angeles -

Hey Frank, That little

Hey Frank,
That little movie was beautiful!
That's my dream, " George W. Bush,
you are under arrest for the murders
of 3,000 people in New York."
Thanks Frank, without question
that would be true justice, instead
of seeing that lying dog with his arm
around a firefighter at Ground Zero
talking shit! Really love it, will
send that to a thousand people!

I'm glad you found it a

I'm glad you found it a worthy welcome, my friend!