Michael Moore questions Pentagon strike.

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Update, we made the big leagues: http://prisonplanet.com/articles/december2005/171205moorequestions.htm

Marc: Before the showing of Fahrenheit 911, you mentioned you had footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon and that you would show it on the film. To date, I have not seen the actual footage. Do you still have it and, if so, why haven't you shown it to the world? Thank You.

Michael Moore: Just the opposite. I said that I don't have the footage and that no one has seen it and isn't it strange that no one saw it?... We saw the twin tower planes crashing a thousand times over and, having filmed at the Pentagon, I noticed that the roof and parking lot had around a hundred cameras surrounding it at least, if not more. There IS footage from numerous angles and we have never seen that. Why is that? I'm not suggesting there wasn't a plane. I'm saying there is a reason why the Government doesn't want the world to see the plane hitting the Pentagon and I'd like to know why that is.

... Is Mikey pulling a 180?


Is Mikey pulling a 180?

No kidding, Dylan. In

No kidding, Dylan. In Fahrenheit 9/11, he didn't even mention the PNAC and their published paper that said all that was needed was a new Pearl Harbor. That was a glaring omission, not to mention WTC7 and yes, the Pentagon. Jeez. He's either not so smart, or a left gatekeeper. Either way, I haven't been wasting my time at his site.... and I bet he's lost a lot of other people in the 9/11 truth movement.

Wow, that's the first time

Wow, that's the first time I've ever heard anything remotely 9/11 Truth related come from Moore. I wonder if he will finally slip into Truth mode for Fahrenheit 9/11 and a half or whatever his next 9/11 documentary is called.
While I feel Flight 77 did hit the pentagon, it is strange the only frame we have of it seems to be quite a decidedly smaller plane.

Come on Michael you can do

Come on Michael you can do better that that surely. Get of the Fence. P.S Check out the website.

I loved his last

I loved his last documentary, Fahrenheit Iraq. Maybe in his follow up documentary he'll call it "Fahrenheit 9/11" and show some stuff about the hundreds of 9/11 oddities? ;-)

LOL I'm glad this got

LOL I'm glad this got through, here's the link it came from;


It's actually a webchat from about a year or so ago, I'm just shocked no one else has really picked up on this. That yousendit link will die after like a week so I think you guys should definitely host this comment!!

IÂ’m not sure personally about Michael Moore, IÂ’ve heard all the Halliburton Stock allegations but itÂ’s meant be connected to his foundation so itÂ’s not him thatÂ’s bought them etc. But who knows really, I did like Fahrenheit 9/11 and I think he was definitely in a very tuff situation if you think about it. Miramax and Disney were trying to stop the film coming out etc, so I think he must of decided to go with appeasing the mainstream consensus on 9/11 because he wouldnÂ’t have been able to get the film out otherwise. And also youÂ’ve got to break a sleeping public in slowly or fear a massive counter productive backlash, if heÂ’d come and spelled the truth out to the world back when he released Fahrenheit 9/11, it would have been like chucking a bucket of ice cold water on to someone sleeping. It could have completely trashed the issue, I suppose this way heÂ’s built a tremendous amount of credibility and support for himself so that if he does decide to finally bring the truth in a future film heÂ’d now have a phenomenal impact.

Thanks for geting this up somebigguy!!!!

I have to say I am warmed

I have to say I am warmed by the people hear looking to see the good in every one, it makes me feel I am in the right company but hey enough excuses already. What's Michael waiting for. If he's scared perhaps he should disappear gracefully but if not what's he hiding. After all 9/11 has made him millions and he's sucking the goodwill out of a lot of people soldiers and civilians.If its not his pet subject then get off the bus and let someone else on.

Yo Dylan if you havenÂ’t

Yo Dylan if you havenÂ’t gone to production yet you should edit this into "LC2E", cus like who else is running with this so far? I can't see anyone, and this is like mega exclusive especially with that audio.

Hahaha, Gary Fisher that

Hahaha, Gary Fisher that siteÂ’s wicked!! Those two pilots giving cheesy smiles, while Michael Moors poking his head up in the cockpit cracks me up.

Michael is dishing out the

Michael is dishing out the truth in small doses. Anyone want to bet that we'll start hearing about his new movie being released around the 06 elections?

Michael is a human being and not Jesus Christ. I think he has a good heart and is having trouble accepting the truth himself.

He did show millions of people that what they see in corporate media is not always the truth (rarely?).

We all just need to keep chipping away. Viral marketing will lead to a truth pandemic.


Thanks to Dem Bruce Lee

Thanks to Dem Bruce Lee Styles for the appreciation and in answer to Edward just in case it was directed towards me. While I really hope your right about Michael, and while he possible is waiting to maximise his box office sales, the problem is the powers that be continue to slaughter innocent civilians and soldiers alike and are quite possibly organising something worse so you will have to forgive my impatience.

I e-mailed Michael Moore

I e-mailed Michael Moore about six months ago regarding the fact that he is in a position to put the 911 Truth Movement over the top. No reply. No big deal he didn't reply, but I hope he's getting inundated with similar e-mails.

Maybe he's working on something. If so, great... I hope he slams it home. If not, why not?

Micheal Moore chooses to

Micheal Moore chooses to willfully ignore 9/11 truth so his career can stay safe. really, hes not much better than the rest of the MSM that ignores the obvious.