Thermal Images and Molten Metal Indicate that High-Explosives Brought Down the World Trade Center

When confronted with evidence that high-explosives brought down the World Trade Centers, people often come up with very creative arguments in an attempt to defend the official story.

For example, molten metal was found at ground zero, even though the government's own metal experts have stated that the fires in the Twin Towers were not hot enough to melt steel.

Some people have attempted to rebut this evidence by saying that the enormous heat necessary to create and sustain molten metal was created by the friction created by 110-story buildings collapsing in on themselves. In other words, the argument is that the gravitational energy released by the collapse of the gigantic Twin Towers created tremendous amounts of friction as parts of these huge structures crashed into other parts -- which in turn generated sufficient heat to melt the Towers' strong structural steel.

However, World Trade Center building 7 -- which collapsed later in the day on 9/11 -- was only 47 stories tall, and substantially less massive than the Twin Towers. And yet WTC7 apparently experienced equally high temperatures as the Twin Towers after collapse.

Specifically, this thermal image of ground zero with an overlay of the demolished buildings, taken five days after 9/11, shows that the debris under building 7 (the trapezoid-shaped building at the upper right) was about as hot as under the Twin Towers. See this web page (lower left) for an explanation of the thermal image, this aerial photo showing the shape of WTC7, and the maps contained here which confirms which building is building 7 on the thermal image.

Are those arguing against demolition of the trade centers saying that the collapse of 47-story building 7 generated the same amount of friction as the collapse of the mammoth 110-story Twin Towers? If not, why were the temperatures at WTC7 as high as at the Twin Towers five days after the collapses?

"Thermal Images and Molten

"Thermal Images and Molten Metal Indicate that High-Explosives Brought Down the World Trade Center"

Bullshit. Explosives release gaseous reaction products that carry off most of the thermal energy. Molten iron or steel implies a high-temperature reaction that releases little or no gaseous reaction products. Thermite for example (a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder). The reaction products are aluminum oxide (a solid) and molten iron.

That does not exclude the use of explosives. To minimize the number of bangs, the redundant fraction of steel columns may have been melted using thermite or similar. The moderate thermal conductivity of steel dictates that this process will take at least tens of seconds for thick beams. Therefore, to get accurate timing on the collapse, the remaining columns must be finished off after the melting, with explosives.

In short, the thermal images indicate the use of thermite or an analogous high-temperature reaction mixture.

On the other hand, the only

On the other hand, the only clue a REAL, PROFESSIONAL DETECTIVE would need would be this: Silverstein doubled the insurance coverage for Terrorist Attacks three months before it came true.

THAT is the ONLY *Proof* you need to start a REAL INVESTIGATION. ONLY THAT.

The other comes during the investigation.

I'm sorry, but I disagree.

I'm sorry, but I disagree. Motive and intent are ill-defined and mutable. The laws of physics are not.

To establish that 9/11 was a fraud, it suffices to show that the official explanation, collapses caused by hydrocarbon and office-material fires, is incompatible with the laws of physics.

The molten iron/steel is just one such incompatibility: fires do not get nearly that hot. The free-fall collapse of WTC7 is another: there should have been a slow down due to buckling.

An investigation is useful in establishing the who and the why. But focusing on the who and the why in order to show that 9/11 was a fraud is superfluous and distracting.

Thermal Images and Molten

Thermal Images and Molten Metal Indicate that High-Explosives Brought Down the World Trade Center IS DISINFO!!!

That story has to be one of the most obvious limited-hangout disinfo stories surrounding 9/11!

The limited hangout is to keep people from recognizing that advanced/secret weapons were utilized in pulling off the deadly, high-tech 'magic' show known as 9/11.

Consider the evidence: Molten steel was found WEEKS after the collapses. That dust was far too fine to have been created by trauma from conventional explosives (contrary to what gatekeeper Eric Hufschmid published "she never mentions that the dust was demolition debris created by explosives, as opposed to ordinary 'dust'"). That fires subsequently blazed for 99 days despite being constantly doused with water. And what about that way-too-huge, ominous pyroclastic dust cloud? (We've all seen expolsives-based demolitions before, but none of them ever looked/behaved like the WTC demolitions!)

NONE of those pieces of evidence are suggestive of "high explosives".

They are ALL the SIGNATURE of something far beyond "high explosives".

Wake up and open your eyes, and get a clue, folks.