Why Silverstein Needed the WTC to Be Destroyed

Karl B. Schwarz-2 Party System - Evil Vs. Evil

Mr. Schwarz will reveal some shocking information about our political system and he will disclose surprising information related to the WTC collapse. The information that will be disclosed will establish clear motive for insiders who needed the WTC to simply go away!

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I did contact Karl regarding

I did contact Karl regarding this, but never heard back.

Paul Hellyer was on our

Paul Hellyer was on our favorite show with Tucker Carlson


if you haven't already, check out my views on et and 911.


LOL! Tucker Carlson doesnt

LOL! Tucker Carlson doesnt raise much of a fuss and almost seems to agree with this guy about alien warfare...but raises a big stink about the WTC coming down from explosives. I think I get it now. UFOs a re a "safe" fringe conspiracy topic, but 9/11 is an "unsafe" topic...because it's a little too real and hits close to home.

FLASHBACK: From 5/2/05 Karl

FLASHBACK: From 5/2/05

Karl Schwarz discusses newly discovered 9/11 video footage during interview on the National Intel Report w/ host John Stadtmiller and adamantly states that "the plane you're looking at is not what was advertised to us." Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Karl Schwarz: I've got one lab that's already done just a cursory overlay of a 737 and of a 747 on that image and the 747 is condsiderably larger... The plane that you're looking at in that picture is not what was advertised to us."

John Stadtmiller: And they're saying what struck the tower was what model plane?

Schwarz: It was flight 175 out of Boston. It was a 767... which has a total wing span in the neighborhood of about 55.. 56 feet larger than that airplane (in the image).

The entire interview from 5/2/05 can be listened to here:

(Interview begins 3 minutes into the first hour)

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Image of plane: http://img27.echo.cx/img27/364/secondhit4zy.jpg

Video of plane: http://terrorize.dk/911/wtc2hit9/


One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 ‘Smoking Gun’
Architect of GOP Resurgence Says Boeing 737, not 767, Struck South WTC Tower
April 22, 2005

Does anyone know if Schwarz has released his findings yet? It's been eight months...

nice stuff stallion

nice stuff stallion

Yeah, I was pretty excited

Yeah, I was pretty excited about that supposed release, and then nothing came of it.

I think his contention was that he felt it was a 737, not a 767, but he never released anything officially that I know of.

Hi Stallion, Great

Hi Stallion,
Great photos, very interesting! I have reveiwed hundreds of photos and this is the first time I have seen these. I would like permission to copy the photos. I only want them for my personal collection. Many of my own Ground Zero photos have been shared with others around the world, but I don't like when there copied and used for commerical reasons or on websites without my knowing it.
Thanks Louie

The video and pics aren't

The video and pics aren't mine. Video and pics are hosted on this site:

I don't know who hosts the image at the link I posted:

I found it posted on a message board some time ago.

I think the video and pics were first posted on this website, but it no longer exists:

According to Schwarz, the video was "shot by an unknown amateur photographer" and that it also appeared in "the French foreign film, The Barbarian Invasion":

You can read more about this footage here:

and here:

IMO, Schwarz should be pressed on this issue to release his research into this matter:

Contact Karl

Thanks Stallion! The bubble

Thanks Stallion! The bubble would definately burst if hard evidence proved that the airplane that struck the South Tower wasn't a 767. Maybe then the mass media would jump ship and swim for shore! I really wish the "Pet Goat"
could really talk, then we might know what was really whispered in Bush's ear that morning! What do you think his thoughts would be if his daughters had to go to Iraq with a uniform!

I'm listening now, and they

I'm listening now, and they are talking about this very subject. Karl is a good speaker, and knows his stuff.

Some people have a problem with him, but I don't know why, he talks about this stuff intelligently and logically.

Does anyone know a webpage

Does anyone know a webpage about the things Schwarz talks about here?: about the troubles/6 billion costs the towers would have had?