Bush Defends His Decision To Spy On Us

Thanks to Jon for the heads up on this one:

Interesting that he

Interesting that he mentioned the Pentagon specifically.

One of the hijackers Bush

One of the hijackers Bush mentioned is one who "may" be still alive.

Their not even sure of the hijacker's identity, and Bush is stating it as fact on TV.

Khalid Almihdhar

• May be an assumed name; there are reports he is still alive
• Lived in Parkwood Apartments, San Diego, with Nawaf Alhamzi
• Booked his ticket for Flight 77 via the American Airlines Web site;, paid cash when picking up the ticket at Baltimore/Washington International Airport on September 5


Assume the possibility the

Assume the possibility the administration was negligent / complicit in the attacks. After the attacks, if you were in their shoes, what would you do? Protect Americans by spying on them? or would you be more motivated by a concern that to Protect Yourself by Spying on Americans?

---P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A ---

---P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A --- A-L-E-R-T---

I had to vomit after watching this one. My god, the whole speach is a big big lie! quite amazing though

"national security bla bla.. al qaeda bla bla.. jet in the pentagon (remember ´em pictures?) bla bla.."

Do we know for sure the

Do we know for sure the surveillance they are talking about started only after 9/11?

More info on the spy scandal

More info on the spy scandal - the National Nitwit has uncovered more evidence of a sinister spy program that will frighten even the most stalwart of administration supporters.

U_N_B_E_L_I_E_V_A_B_L_E Mr

Mr PNAC "we need a new pearl harbor" himself blames 9/11 on Clinton:

911Truth.org has a new

911Truth.org has a new header with new links... FYI... "Activist Resources", "Grassroots Contacts", and a new "Donations" page...


While most people fret over

While most people fret over this drama in the current mind control propaganda, think about this...

September 11, 2002 rolled around amid weeks of ceremonies and rites, interviews with survivors, and memorial articles galore, while TV shows and books poured out. But where were the survivor interviews with those victimized by the anthrax killer(s)? Where were the books, the dramas, the movies, the TV shows? Four years later, the victims and heroes of 9/11 are still being written about; their "sacred" ground in New York is still being bitterly fought over, but when was the last time you saw anything about the victims or the heroes -- mainly postal workers -- of the anthrax attacks?




If I had just murdered 3000 people, I would want to know what my enemies are saying to.

congrats, you people

congrats, you people seem
un-dogmatised, good to see
yous not falling into
clever PR traps