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If I had to pick the best things I've ever read in the Tucson Weekly, the piece by Randy Serraglio on Sept. 11 conspiracy theories would make my short list. While other papers, if we're lucky, might suggest that lies were used to justify the war in Iraq, those "lies" are usually about nuclear weapons or links between Iraq and al-Qaida. Rarely does any paper dare to suggest that the official account of the Sept. 11 attacks was also a collection of lies.

We are supposed to believe that not once, but three times, the Federal Aviation Administration, NORAD and the Air Force--all with ample time--failed to perform their basic, routine duties in response to the commercial airplanes that went off course on the morning of Sept. 11. Curiously, the Pentagon's anti-missile system also managed to fail the same morning.

Government incompetence does occur, so maybe none of that means anything.Where the official account really fails miserably is explaining (or failing to explain) how 110 stories of structural steel, which would melt at 2,770 degrees, could be damaged by a jet-fuel fire that would reach a maximum of 1,700. The collapse of the Twin Towers required more than the work of hijackers; it required the work of demolition experts. Who were they?

The Bush administration spent far less money investigating the collapse of the towers than we spent a few years before, investigating Bill Clinton's blowjob. I don't know why that is, but I do know that if I were guilty of aiding a crime like the Sept. 11 attacks, either through gross negligence or complicity in a conspiracy, I wouldn't want to help any investigations.

Flight 77 hijacker Student

Flight 77 hijacker Student ID Card "miraculously" found in Pentagon rubble!


The good eye of Paul Thompson caught this one!

A repost.. Found a couple of

A repost..

Found a couple of interesting websites with massive amounts of interesting videos:

Just thought I'd share...

Is that new Killtown? Off

Is that new Killtown? Off the top of my head, I don't remember anything being found at the crash site. If it's new, that "kind of" debunks the whole missile/pentagon theory. The date of the pdf is October 7, 2004. Do they have a picture of it?

Flight 77 Hijacker "Saudi

Flight 77 Hijacker "Saudi Arabia Student Identity Card" Found In Rubble
Thanks to Paul Thompson


FBI records of airline personnel indicate that some recall specific hijackers presenting U.S. identification documents with their airline tickets. The American Airlines ticket agent at Logan Airport recalls the al Shehri brothers presenting drivers’ licenses at check-in. FBI report of investigation, Elvia C., Sept. 13, 2001. When Hamza al Ghamdi and Ahmed al Ghamdi checked in at Logan Airport in Boston, Hamza al Ghamdi used his Florida driver’s license and Ahmed al Ghamdi used his fraudulently obtained Virginia identification card. FBI report of investigation, interview of Gail J., Sept. 21, 2001. At Dulles, Khalid al Mihdhar and Majed Moqed provided their fraudulently obtained Virginia identification cards at the ticket counter. FBI report of investigation, interview of Susan S., American Airline ticketing agent, Sept. 13, 2001. A “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Student Identity Card” was found in the rubble at the Pentagon with Moqed’s name on it. Forensic examination indicated that it may have been fraudulent. United States Secret Service Forensic Services report for the FBI PENTTBOM investigation regarding the physical examination of forensic science research request, Oct. 10, 2001. Hijackers Omari, Wail al Shehri and Hanjour also had international driver licenses and Jarrah had an international student identification card.

If it was a forgery, then

If it was a forgery, then who's ID was it? If it was a forgery, is the real Moqed dead and buried somewhere?

Hey John! Paul just posted

Hey John! Paul just posted it today. It's the first time I heard of it and something so fragile like a plastic card supposedly being found at the Pentagon. On the contrary to disproving the "missile" theory, I think the absurdity that this was really found there so intact (or found there at all) helps our arguement that Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon was the biggest crock of sh*t on 9/11!

Personally, I think it makes

Personally, I think it makes it harder for someone to try and convince people a plane didn't hit the Pentagon. I've never gone that route. I was always a subscriber to what John Judge had to say.

I just watched 911

I just watched 911 Eyewitness DVD. The evidence for this being an inside job is overwhelming.

I think that the ID's

I think that the ID's recovered from the pentagon site don't really affect people's perception of events there - all it really takes to convince someone that there was no 757 is for them to view photos of the aftermath ie; the lawn, the facade before it collapsed, and the 12' dia. hole drilled thru several of the rings - not to mention ::
ASCE's Pentagon Building Performance Report
a thorough debunk/expose of the fairytale.