The New Pearl Harbor - On-line

I assume this is published with David Ray Griffin's permission. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know:

--- Link Removed ---

Hi all, I've removed the link since there is some question as to whether or not its legal. Buy the book instead!!!

I know otherwise...

I know otherwise...

I acrobated the print

I acrobated the print version and posted it at:

Let me know if I need to remove it. Mr. Griffin is a heroic figure in my life.

I also know otherwise k

I also know otherwise k

Dr. Griffin and Interlink

Dr. Griffin and Interlink Press have not given permission for this version of the book.

Please purchase the book here:

OK - I'm removing the

OK - I'm removing the pdf.


PDF removed

PDF removed

buy 10 and get a nice

buy 10 and get a nice discount.

It has been on-line since

It has been on-line since June 2004. I saw it there and started reading it before ordering the actual book.

yey! its a TEXT ONLY

yey! its a TEXT ONLY version ..

now we can search it with CTRL F

@ Dylan: Sorry, a headcrash

@ Dylan: Sorry, a headcrash destroyed my outlook.pst, so I post it here with a lttle hope that you'll read it.

Do they have your permission?


These GERMANs are

These GERMANs are dangerous.

in 2002 they had FOUR BOOKS
questioning the official-lies,
and a few TV programmes discussing
the 911 conspiracy.

look for
Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst

a version with english subtitles!

BOOK LIST: (please complete!)

OPERATION 911 Wisniewski
Andreas Von Buelow - CIA (2 books)

I've sent that indymedia url

I've sent that indymedia url all over the internetS for around a year. Given that Griffin's a courageous patriot, as are Interlink folks, I suspect they're just turning a blind eye to the text being posted. Choosing liberty, waking people up, over $.

I also find the html format great. I can point people to specific chapters with a direct link. And use CTRL-F. And the sources footnoted at the end are usually hotlinks. Not to mention the footnote numbers in the main text are hotlinks jumping to the source. It's terrific, I hope it stays put.

Think about saving a local copy of the html page to your box, and if the indymedia site goes dead, you can still share the text with others.

@ u2r2h That's right.

@ u2r2h

That's right. Unfortunately, the best 9-11 book till now ( IMO ) wasn't translated yet.

That's Cristian C. Walters "Der zensierte Tag", means "The censored day".

One chapter explains compelling what we know about the flight-paths and that it was just incredible for the 4 flights to reach their targets without beeing changed.

Another, what may possible have happen this day, called crime of the century. I contacted Walther, he's almost convinced to translate his book to english therewith you can enjoy it also.

Can you get us the german

Can you get us the german original?

Sprecken Deitsch Nicht Scheisse,
ist gut.

Unfortunately not, there

Unfortunately not, there isn't a german online full text version available either.

Except the chapters as pdf on this site: