Bush Pushes for Patriot Act Renewal

Anytime any politician works this hard on anything (voice rising in apparent irritation???), the whole country better stand up and take notice:


Many key provisions of the law were to expire Dec. 31. Amid a debate over whether the act sufficiently protects civil liberties, most Senate Democrats and a few Republicans united against legislation that would have renewed several provisions permanently while extending others for four years.

In a move the White House adamantly opposed but later accepted, Congress approved a one-month extension of the law in its current form to allow the debate to continue. The new measure expires Feb. 3.

Bush, his voice rising in apparent irritation, said lawmakers must act on a permanent renewal of the law that expanded the government's surveillance and prosecutorial powers against suspected terrorists, their associates and financiers.
Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., said Bush should spend more time negotiating about the Patriot Act with Democrats and others on Capitol Hill and less on "staged meetings with hand-picked participants" at the White House.
Among the provisions the renewal would make permanent are those that allow roving wiretaps so that investigators can listen in on any telephone and tap any computer they think a terrorist might use.

The Green Party Makes A

The Green Party Makes A Statement For The Impeachment Of Bush

"The Bush Administration blocked an independent probe into 9/11 while making fraudulent statements about the reasons for invading Iraq, and now admits that it spies on American citizens in disregard of legal limits. What more does Congress need before it says enough is enough?"

Jon Gold, good on ya. I'm

Jon Gold, good on ya.

I'm going Green next election, IF I see Feingold knuckle under and "negotiate" our Constitutional Rights away with a LIAR that admitted his CRIME on National Television.

I smell a RAT named Russ.

Smells like a Hillary.

Dennis Kucinich, C'mon over to the Green side!!!!

Bring Murtha, the "no, I wouldn't join the military now" man of the democratic hour.

Leave Biden and Loserman to suck Georgie's nob.

Chomsky on US terrorism and

Chomsky on US terrorism and moral hypocrisy