9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

Author Webster Tarpley presents a multimedia show based on his groundbreaking book -

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

When: SUNDAY, JANUARY 15th, 2005 AT 6 PM
Where: St. Mark's Church – Parish House Corner of 10th Street and Second Ave. in Manhattan
Donation: $7

Scholar and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley is best known for "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" (1992), which laid bare the workings of America's leading crime family in meticulous and painful detail. (See www.tarpley.net)

Thirteen years later, his new work dismantles the reigning mythology of the September 11th massacre in New York, Washington and Shanksville. After a reality check to establish that no proof for the "official conspiracy theory" of September 11th has ever been provided by the US government, "9/11 Synthetic Terror" argues that international terrorism is overwhelmingly the product of intelligence agencies.

Tarpley defines the roles of the fanatic patsies and fall-guys who frighten the public; of networks of moles inside the government and the media; of anonymous professionals who actually carry out the atrocities the People suffer; and of secret command cells in privatized, paramilitary settings. He concludes that 9/11 was an act of "false flag" or synthetic terrorism by agents of the hidden state - a mass brainwashing designed to justify longstanding plans for world war and domination.

Tarpley will deliver the latest version of his controversial and brilliant audiovisual presentation as part of the weekly "9/11 Truth" lecture series held every Sunday evening at St. Mark's Church Parish House.

i gotta get my hands on that

i gotta get my hands on that movie, and LC2.

Brave guy! I'd come to hear

Brave guy! I'd come to hear him if I didn't live in England. Please check out our original "game of many lives" at http://www.buddhawheel.co.uk. Hope you like it.

Tarpley has SOME GOOD

Tarpley has SOME GOOD HUNCHES, but he will not tell them.

He says there is a secret government.. and GEORGE SHULTZ is connected to them.

Well, Tarpley does NOT speculate further, but HE IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

The people who ACTUALLY pull the strings are real. They knew, they ORDERED 9/11 to "be made".

They have a historical view and
they know the financials of the
USA... they knew they needed IRAQ
for reasons of FINANCIAL "stability".

Future Iraqi Oil (reserves),
is now used as LEVERAGE to create
new money to make the old
not pop.


I hear Tarpley speaks fluent german.
A good thinking-man's language,
great for logical-thinking.

Can anyone confirm this?

Las vegas casino imploded

Las vegas casino imploded today by aircraft flying into it and it burning to collapse.

that's what it looks like to me at least. ;)


can someone convert that into an actual .wmv file to save? CNN might take it down after a while and I, and maybe some others, might find some utility use for it in demonstrations.


what a coincidence. i just

what a coincidence. i just got this book this morning.

it is a good read. i just

it is a good read. i just finished my copy over the holidays.

however, one discrepancy that i can't figure out is his point that Atta was mistaken as another Atta that did some terrorism in 1984/5 in jordan/israeli area...

while Nafeez Ahmed in War on Truth claims that this is the same atta as the one that supposedly did 9-11.

i haven't been able to figure out which is correct. i probably need to dig at each of their sources.

Can someone make a film of

Can someone make a film of this presentation so that those of us without the ability to attend can see it on the net?

Focus: Crisis In The

Focus: Crisis In The Pipeline

See what I mean SBG?

Check this



Isn't that something???? The

Isn't that something???? The propaganda machine is in high gear.

Iraq was also behind the

Iraq was also behind the first world trade center attack, TWA 800, and hurricane katrina. that is, until we need to blame Iran for all of it.

we should all e-mail this

we should all e-mail this fool with some real info on "terrorist attacks". i hate this guy even more than Hannity.

now i havent seen it because

now i havent seen it because the bastards sent me my check back without a DVD, but 9/11 Eyewitness claims:Internet webcasting pioneer Richard A Siegel, of OnlineTV fame, captured both of the World Trade Towers collapsing and a lot more.
See the raw footage and listen to Rick's eyewitness testimony of the daring helicopter rescue on the roof of the south tower, WTC2, only moments before it collapsed into "a pile of dust."(can someone verify that there was a helicopter rescue?this is the first i have heard of it.)and also:Prepare yourself for the shocking reality of raw digital video that was removed from the internet when all the OnlineTV computers were seized. Despite legal attempts to recover them, they remain locked away to this day...(to those of you who saw it, what raw,unseen footage is he talking about?shouldnt this "purged" footage have ended back up on the net by now if its on this DVD?)


Hey C, that video is pretty

Hey C, that video is pretty damning, I'll tell you between 911Eyewitness and Loose Change 2, we got some pretty good firepower.

I believe 911blogger is hooking up with the 911Eyewitness crew to sell the vids so hopefully you'll be able to get ahold of a copy from here.

can you please explain to

can you please explain to just what it so "escluisive: about the stuff in 9/11 Eyewitness? what about the helicopter rescue? i never heard that one. and what footage do they have that got "removed from the internet".what footage are they talking about? why hasnt it ended up back online? can you be a bit more specific?thanks man.

9/11 Blogger doesnt have a

9/11 Blogger doesnt have a store does it?

Hey C, I believe that video

Hey C, I believe that video is copywritten, so maybe people are refraining from ripping and posting it on the net.

There is some interest stuff, first of all is there are helicopters flying over top of the towers while they were burning (more like smoldering), they would pause over top of the tower and bright flashes of light would shoot out of the bottom of the chopper. I don't know what it means, if anything, but it is strange to say the least.

Then, the pre-collapse explosions are quite obvious, you really can't miss them. They also did a really good graphical demonstration of how the debris was ejected upward and outward during the collapses which again suggests explosives.

Then, they did a really good examination of the debris cloud from the collapse of WTC7 and how the look of it was identical to controlled demolition by the way it floated over the ground.

All this video was shot from across the water about a mile and a half away or so, so its from a vantage point that most of us haven't seen yet...

As it turns out... Iraqi

As it turns out... Iraqi people may have had involvement in the OKC... or at least some family members think they did...


And here's a report on it...


I don't know if it's true or not, I've NEVER researched the OKC really... I've only seen some footage of bombs being found within the building, etc...

thanks SBG, so is the

thanks SBG, so is the footage some of the most convincing you have seen? it sounds pretty damn good, ive been trying to see it for ahwhile.it sounds like it would be too far away to be clear,but i cant wait to see it for myself.how are they able to put it on their DVD if its illegal or whatever?as far as OKC bombing, i think al-qaeda was clearly involved(the usual patsies),but the government squelched those stories because they werent ready to go to war just yet. just my thought.


C, we sell shirts on the


we sell shirts on the left panel that have the 911blogger logo on them.. but we sell them at cost, so no money comes our way from shirt sales.. but i personally love my pentagon 9/11 terms shirt.. it is great for conversation.

Howdy. Tarpleys book is a

Howdy. Tarpleys book is a must read. Check out his website at tarpley.net and his prentations on 911busters.com. I havent looked into the OKC tragedy much but what Ive seen on Alex Jones "911 Road To Tyranny" (I think thats the one) is pretty compelling. I have seen clips on the original Painfull Deceptions video as well. Altho I am not as educated on OKC as 911 it seems this was probabley the warmup for the events of 911. Same as 911: Damage completely inconsistant and unreasonable for what were supose to beleive happened; live local news doccuments multiple bombs being removed from inside what was left of the building; later HONEST MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA YOU CAN TRUST waves its magic wand and all that was earlier reported live from the local live coverage never happened; the sheep never question anything and its time to think about doing something on a much larger scale; HAIL SATAN! Anyway theres also a OKC section on 911busters.com for interested folks. If you havent been on this site check it out.

Great KPFA interview with

Thanks Edward, posted it...

Thanks Edward, posted it...

Hey C, it is copywritten by

Hey C, it is copywritten by the creator of the video, he filmed it all, so its not illegal for him to sell it.

They add some visual enhancements to help you hear the explosions, but you really can hear them, especially just prior to the collapses.

If Webster Griffin Tarpley

If Webster Griffin Tarpley was realy in the know he would have called his book "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in Israel"